Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sundowners Zambales is the Terrace House of My Dreams

I don't know how many of you guys watch 'Terrace House' (if you don't, you should check it out on Netflix, like, NOW); but every time I watch that show, I find myself wishing I could experience staying in that kind of house sometime. My wish came true last week when we had our teambuilding trip to Sundowners Zambales in Botolan.

Coming from the South (Alabang area), it took us a while to get there. It was a weekday morning and we had a bunch of stopovers, but we left at around 9AM and arrived right before sunset. As tiring as it was to get there, though, all of the fatigue melted away when I saw the stunning colors of the sky and watched the sun slowly descend. There is nothing more breathtaking than a beautiful sunset and it was downright gorgeous at Sundowners.

The villa that we stayed in was absolutely perfect for our big group of 11.

I chose the most 'Terrace House'-ish room in the villa to sleep in and dibs-ed my bed in the same way that they do in the show.

However, the rest of rooms were just as awesome (and better suited for those non-clingy people who like a big amount of personal space):

As you can see, the villa we stayed in is perfect for bigger groups, and the decorations are on-point. You can find villas ranging from one bedroom to six bedrooms, depending on your needs.

The villas are generally very spacious. The lounge area is so big, you won't feel cramped at all. They can be booked for as low as Php9,000 (good for six people).

They have full-functioning kitchens, too, in case you're not lazy like us and want to cook your own food. You won't have to pay extra to bring in food or anything, either. They even have an outdoor grill for a barbecue party.

If you happen to be the lazier types, Sundowners Zambales also has an in-house restaurant called Reef 'n' Beef.

We had breakfast and dinner there, and the food is sooooo good.

Coffee lovers, get the Iced Latte!

Most of the villas also have a personal swimming pool and patio to chill at, where you can enjoy the cool breeze from the beach.

This is where we ended up spending our night playing games, bonding, and (of course) drinking.

Aside from the personal swimming pool in the villa, there are also two other shared pools: an infinity pool that faces the beach and a plunge pool.

You aren't allowed to go to the beach past 6PM, but it's better to go in the morning anyway since there are fewer people and the sun isn't too harsh yet.

Sundowners Zambales is Sundowners Vacation Villas' second branch after they first opened in Bolinao Pangasinan. If you want to plan a trip with your family or friends, make sure to check them out! Do make sure to plan ahead, though. They are almost always fully booked, so it would be highly advisable to book a villa months ahead of time!

Sundowners Zambales is located at Purok 5 Bgy. Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales. Visit their website here or check out their Instagram account at @sundownerszambales :)

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