Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stop What You're Doing and Watch 'Too Hot to Handle' on Netflix Now!!!

I haven't watched a mindless reality show in the longest ass time - clips of Rosemarie and Ed not included, anyway. And I didn't really expect to like 'Too Hot to Handle' as much as I did when I first saw the preview on Netflix. But when Sean told me to check it out (and I do believe this is the first time he recommended something that wasn't an anime lol), I knew there must be something to it.

So now here I am... sleepless and hyped up on coffee because I binge-watched the entire thing in one sitting. 'Too Hot to Handle' is REALITY TV GOLD. I decided this while watching the first episode. I was literally laughing out loud every few minutes because of how incredibly vain and incredibly dumb the participants all seemed. It was exactly the kind of laughter I needed on an extra lonely night.

The premise of 'Too Hot to Handle' is pretty simple. They basically searched for fuckboys and fuckgirls, brought them all together into one resort (where they all assumed they'd be getting it on 'Temptation Island'-style), and then revealed the plot twist: no kissing, no sex of any kind, and no masturbation throughout their stay there. No joke: I. Would. Have. Died.

Seeing sex-addicted people being told they can't have sex and then seeing how they respond to it is the best thing ever. Mostly because it's hilarious, but also because it's relatable... especially in our current state of quarantine.

But it's not just mindless TV. Maybe it's because I consider myself someone who sees sex as a major priority in life, but there are many lessons to be learned from this show. Be warned! If sex is important to you, you might find yourself re-evaluating your priorities after watching it. ...Or not. Lana, their Alexa-like guide, wasn't able to get through to everyone in the show, either. :p

It helps that they're all really hot, of course. Hot in the conventional sense, anyway. None of them were really my type, to be honest, though I thought David was kinda cute coz he was like an older version of Tom Holland. :p They all had AMAZING bodies, though, serving us fitspiration to men and women alike.

The major fitspiration aside, I also love how you see some of the fuckboys change throughout the show... though this might cause some women to think that the fuckboys they know in real life will change for them in the same way. LADIES: THEY MOST LIKELY WON'T. ...Just kidding. Never give up hope. ;p

If you're looking for something entertaining to watch, I HIGHLY recommend this. I PROMISE you won't regret it.


  1. Going to have to check this show out.

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