Sunday, July 5, 2020

Top 3 Sushi Bakes You NEED to Try (South Edition)

I just wanna warn you guys that it is very, very, very likely that my blog will partially turn into a food blog. Due to an unexpected turn of events at work, I have been receiving a humongous amount of food at home recently and I figured writing some personal reviews wouldn't hurt.

In the past two weeks alone, I have tried a ton of sushi bakes. And that's when I realized that no two sushi bakes are alike at all. I say this because some people choose to go for a cheaper sushi bake because they think they can get the same thing at a lower price, but that is definitely not how it works.

I have tried 10 sushi bakes from the South in the past two weeks (this doesn't count the sushi bakes that came from other parts of the Metro), and here are my top 3 picks (in no particular order):

Baked by Erika

I didn't know that sushi bakes could be this creamy! The minute you scoop out a portion of Baked by Erika's sushi tray, you'll know that it'll be a different experience. And when you pop it in your mouth and feel the creaminess envelop inside... ugh... there are no words!

Available in three sizes, you can get a 300-peso tray good for 1-2 pax, a 650-peso tray good for 4-6 pax, or a 1,250-peso tray good for 10-12 pax. Like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram:

Baked Cali Maki LP

Aside from being ultra delicious, what I love about Baked Cali Maki LP is the fact that they have extra small trays available for only Php180! They're perfect for those who live alone, those who live with people who aren't fond of sushi, and those who are on a budget. If you still go to work, the extra small trays are also the perfect baon - and its size won't make you feel obligated to share. :p

Even their regular trays are affordable, too, without compromising on quality or taste. Small trays are available at Php300, medium trays are Php480, and large trays are Php570.

The best part is that part of their profits go to frontliners; so you won't just fill your tummies with deliciousness; you'll get to help out, too. Like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram: @BakedCaliMakiLP

Aburi Maki

The first word that comes to mind when I think about my Aburi Maki experience is: quality. Aburi Maki is actually the first sushi bake I had ever tried - and it did not disappoint. It's actually a little funny because I swore never to try sushi bakes because I felt like they were over hyped. THIS SUSHI BAKE EXPLAINS THE HYPE. I even made a TikTok video to prove my point:

Aburi Maki does not scrimp when it comes to ingredients and you can really taste the quality in every bite. I don't even know how to describe it better. At Php575 per tray, know that this sushi bake is really worth every peso. They also have new flavors you can check out! Like them on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram: @aburimaki

Which store has the best sushi bake that you've tried so far? Let me know, so I can try it, too! :D

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  1. I have never had a sushi bake before.