Monday, June 29, 2020

The Silly Story Behind My Tarte Unicorn Brushes

I have what you might call an unhealthy obsession with unicorns. I don't quite remember how it started; but a few years back, I started to collect all sorts of unicorn memorabilia. I had customized shirts made. My bed was full of unicorn stuffed toys, including one that was as big as me. And then I saw some gorgeous unicorn makeup brushes online and I just needed to have them. NEE. DED.

This limited-edition set consists of 5 vegan cruelty-free brushes inspired by unicorn kisses and fantasy dreams.

I mean: just look at how beautiful they are on the box!

Inside, they're wrapped with cute unicorn paper which I (naturally) did not throw out.

So. Pretty.

With an array of contour, powder, eyeshadow, and foundation brushes; each one of these gorgeous brushes has a gold unicorn-inspired handles and plush pastel bristles to add a touch of magic to your makeup routine.

But enough of the gushing, I'm here to tell you the story of what I went through to get them. :p

Back in 2017, my friend TJ and I had a work trip to Singapore, where we visited Universal Studios:

And the Trick Eye Museum:

We were only there for a few days, but get this: the only reason why I actually agreed to take on the assignment was... BECAUSE I COULDN'T FIND MY DREAM BRUSHES IN THE PHILIPPINES AND THOUGHT I COULD FIND THEM THERE. :p This was a time before Sephora Philippines was a thing and before there were heaven-sent places like Tupped Cosmetics at our convenience, by the way.

Being limited edition, I knew my best bet was to check out Sephora in Singapore mismo. So early on during our SG adventure, we went to Sephora... but they didn't have it there!!! My heart broke when the saleslady pointed out that it's a limited edition collection and that I probably wouldn't find it in other branches, either.

Being the obsessive person that I was, though, I still went to various branches. Sadly, she was right. They were nowhere to be found. Since we were still going to be in Singapore for a few days, though, I figured that I could order them online and pick them up at one of those cool locker pickup things that they have. So that's what I did. I ordered then online and obsessively refreshed the tracking page and crossed my fingers that they'd be able to deliver them before we left.

Day One went by and then Day Two, but still nothing. I got so desperate that I actually asked TJ's cousin, whom we had dinner with one night, if he could pick it up for me if they didn't come in time and deliver them to me in Manila. Pakapalan na ng muks! Feeling close si mama!

But lo and behold! The day we were going to leave, the brushes arrived at the locker. I. WAS. SO. HAPPY. Never mind the fact that we had to take an Über to a place three hours away to get it (because I was so excited, I didn't check which locker was closest to our hotel).

I know it must have been a hassle for TJ to hear me whine and obsess about these brushes all the time, but I hope that silly experience was still memorable for him in some way.

Yes. All for the love of these unicorn brushes. Were they worth it? DEFINITELY!

How far have you gone to get makeup products that you wanted? Share your silly experiences with me, so I don't feel alone. :p

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