Sunday, February 14, 2021

'Run On' Got Me to Start Running Again

I hate cardio. I say that in practically every fitness-related post that I publish. And I mean it. I hate cardio with a passion. While I did take part in several runs and even joined running events in the past few years, I really cannot say that I truly enjoyed any of them... because I really didn't. I always found myself on the way home thinking, "Why the eff do I keep going to these things?" I love running shoes. They're comfy as hell. But actually running in them? Nuh-uh. No, thank you.

Sure, there have been moments throughout my life where I thought, "I should really take running seriously", like when I binge-watched every single season of 'Alias' and found myself fascinated by the way that Jennifer Garner ran. More recently, however, I found myself interested in running because of the Korean drama 'Run On'.

In a nutshell, 'Run-On' is a love story between a completely naive runner (who plays his role so well, he really looks like he has no idea what is going on in the world) and a Korean-English translator (whose job is hella cool but who I hated with a passion).

To be honest, 'Run On' is the kind of Korean drama I love to hate because it mostly revolves around a love story... and I'm not really into that. If I'm being completely honest, however, I also hated it because I could completely relate to the lead who believes he is single because... he's boring. Lol. Story of my life. The font of the title is nice, though...?

Anyway, as with a lot of other KDramas that focuses on love stories, I was also more interested in the second leads' love story (the painter and the agency chick). Yeah, I didn't learn any of their names. That's how not-interested in the show I was.

It's a light watch, though, and entertaining in a way. However, I found myself especially interested in the running aspect. Weird, I know.

There's this scene in the series that doesn't really last more than 3 minutes. In fact, the runner's speech doesn't even last longer than 30 seconds; but within those 30 seconds, he tried "teaching" the translator how to run.

And you know what? I REALIZED THAT NOBODY EVER "TAUGHT" ME HOW TO RUN. All. My. Life. I just ran when people told me to run. At school. At fun runs. At actual runs. However, no one actually ever sat me down to teach me how to run properly. How your arms should move. How your shoulders should be relaxed. How you should breathe. Etcetera, etcetera.

And in those 30 seconds, I realized... maybe that's why I hate running. Maybe that's why I hate cardio: because I have been doing it wrong all this freaking time!

And so, the Monday before last, at 5AM - yes, 5AM in the morning, kids! - night owl-me went for a run the way that the runner dude in 'Run On' told translator chick to. And get this: I ENJOYED IT. OH. MY. GOD. I. ENJOYED. RUNNING. WHO. AM. I. I enjoyed it so much that I have been running three times a week now. Let that sink in.

So, really, what I'm saying is: you can learn a lot from KDramas. You should really give them a try. :p (I bet you thought I was gonna promote running here, but nopes.)

I don't necessarily recommend starting your KDrama marathon (see what I did there?) with 'Run On', though coz honestly, I wanted to bash that translator chick's head in every time she said she wasn't angry but actually was - LIKE, GIRL, COMMUNICATE! And the lead guy reminded me sooooo much of my worst ex even though they look nothing alike.. but do get into KDramas... please? :D

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