Sunday, February 7, 2021

'Space Sweepers' is Like... 'Monsters Inc.' Meets 'Star Wars'

If you're at a loss as to what to watch on Netflix right now, 'Space Sweepers' is it.

I'll start by saying that I am not a fan of Song Joong-ki so this is a completely unbiased opinion. I didn't really like 'Descendants of the Sun' (don't hate me!) and I didn't even want to watch this to begin with. But when Joong-ki compared the experience of filming 'Space Sweepers' to 'The Goonies', it piqued my interest and I simply had to watch it. Add to that the fact that one of my friends compared it to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and I put it on top of my must-watch list this weekend. It was not like 'GotG' or 'The Goonies' at all, though. But it was still good.

I'd even go so far as to say that I liked it better than 'GotG'. Ooooo big words! However, as I have mentioned in a previous post, I like things that make me cry. So yes, expect a few tears when watching 'Space Sweepers'.

I'll try not to give too much away; but in a nutshell, 'Space Sweepers' revolves around a group of Korean misfits who have to find ways to survive in the new world in space that people are living in.

Set in the future, 'Space Sweepers' is more sci-fi than fantasy (as I had originally expected it to be). Don't expect any weird aliens in this or even weird languages. No, in the future in 'Space Sweepers', everybody is speaking in the language that they are comfortable in - a beautiful world that my multi-lingual self had only once imagined in her dreams - and everyone has a translator earbud thing to translate whatever is being said by others. I loved that concept of the movie. LOVED. IT.

Anyway, the misfits come across a child who is allegedly an android, and mildly comedic things ensure reminiscent of Sulley and Mike in 'Monsters, Inc.' The vibes were almost exactly the same with a mix of a bit of 'E.T.' and the same awesome action as 'Star Wars'. There is a sidekick robot in it, too, but without the annoyingness of C3PO. In fact, Bubs' face is kinda like Baymax's face, so it's hard not to like him/her. The misfits also have an old hardly-keeping-it-together spaceship ala Millennium Falcon. The Star Wars feels were real!

I'm going to admit that the movie wasn't perfect. I was a little annoyed by the ending because (SPOILERS AHEAD!!! highlight to read) I thought the misfits had sacrificed themselves to save Earth and I LOVED THAT PART (this is why 'Rogue One' is my favorite 'Star Wars' movie) and I WAS ALREADY BAWLING MY EYES OUT and then surprise, they were saved. I got a bit annoyed by that.

HOWEVER, when I got to the real ending, I realized that I liked their ending better. I didn't know that I needed that closure for Joong-ki nor did I know that I wanted to see what happened to Bubs until I actually got there.

I also have to say that I am very impressed with Joong-ki after watching this movie. It was nice to see him in a semi-gusgusin role that didn't involve any love interests. He really showed me how versatile he is as an actor and I might actually try watching 'Arthdal Chronicles' soon. I will also definitely watching 'Vincenzo' when it comes out (where he plays an Italian mafia dude!).

Overall, I'd highly recommend watching this movie. The action scenes and space battles in themselves are well worth it. I am always immensely impressed by Koreans and their ability to put together such amazing series and movies. I honestly thought I wouldn't like this one and yet here I am, actually writing about it.

If you love space flicks or are simply looking for something entertaining to pass the time, put 'Space Sweepers' on your list. And then message me to let me know what you thought of it. :) I'm always happy to geek out with fellow movie buffs!

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