Friday, July 30, 2021

'Trainwreck' was everything I wanted in a rom-com.

I hate romcoms. HATE. With a passion. But when my best friend told me I had to watch ‘Trainwreck’ because - and I quote - “Ikaw ‘yun eh!”, I decided to give it a go.

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled that I was being compared to Amy Schumer; but from the first scene alone, I knew exactly what she meant. I had been through that exact same scene in my actual life and may or may have not reacted the same way. :p

Also: Amy is a casual dater. A drinker. A pothead with a pottymouth. And she speaks her mind, fuck who gets offended. The more I watched, the more I saw myself in her.

I don’t sugarcoat things in bed. I push men away when I feel like things are getting serious. I hate the thought of love because I’m scared of getting hurt again. I love to drink. I don’t ask men how old they are before jumping into things with them. Lol. There were so many scenes in this movie that I had actually lived, it felt like I was watching myself on screen. And did I mention she’s a writer?

And although they totally ripped off the 'Sex and the City' speech scene; I love how, in this romcom, it’s the girl who realizes her flaws. It’s the girl who bounces back. It’s the girl who turns her life around. It’s the girl who does the big grand gesture. And you know why I loved that? Because I’m like that. I’m the big grand gesture girl. And I’m sick of people telling me, “Ikaw yung babae. Bakit ka ganyan?” Because why the fuck not?

Men deserve to be appreciated and loved and cared for and they deserve to know how amazing they are just as much as women deserve it. Especially if the woman is the one who messed up and needs to apologize in the first place.

I also loved that, for a change, we see men getting naked. We see men being used. We see men falling for the less-than-perfect-tens. It is funny. It is relatable. And it is worth the time to watch. (Bonus points: we get to see John Cena’s butt.)

If you don't know what to watch this weekend and haven't seen 'Trainwreck' yet, I highly recommend that you do. Thank me for the laughs later. :p

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  1. I haven't watched this movie in a long time.