Thursday, October 14, 2021

Where to Play Quick and Fun Games Online

Some of you may know me as a gamer, but this month has been hell at work so far. I have had zero time for myself and zero time to play any kind of games. It has taken quite a toll on my mental health, to be honest, so I decided to look for some quick games I can play that won't take up too much of my time during a workday but will still give me some sort of satisfaction.

While looking for games, I tried to look back at my younger years and the simple things that gave me joy. And that's when Solitaire popped into my head. A simple and mindless game, sure, but one that I truly enjoyed when I was younger.

It's nice to just mindlessly move cards around and go back to the simplicity of those days. Hahaha. I sound so old. But it's true. If you miss Solitaire, too, then you can play a quick game (or ten lol) on your browser without having to download anything.

What I love about the site is the fact that they don't just offer Solitaire to revive all of the nostalgia in my system. They also have other classic games, like Candy Crush-type games, hidden object games, word games like crosswords, and get this: PacMan-inspired games.

And that's not all! Hehehe. You all know that pre-pandemic, I was a frequent visitor of City of Dreams and Resorts World Manila because I loved losing myself in games of Blackjack. THEY HAVE BLACKJACK, TOO. In their version, you play five levels of Blackjack and try to score as close to 21 as possible on five separate hands.

Another great thing about their website is that they have complete, easy-to-understand instructions on how to play each game so you'll get it right away and will never feel frustrated or lost. Definitely one of the websites that can help you get through a work funk like me. Check out their full list of games here.


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