Sunday, March 31, 2024

SEVENTEEN to Release Two New Albums This 2024?!??

I am watching Day 2 of SEVENTEEN's Follow Tour to Incheon as I am typing this (multi-tasking at its finest), but I am completely losing it because WHAT DID HOSHI JUST SAY?!??

Apparently, SEVENTEEN will be releasing not one BUT TWO albums this year?

He said it out of nowhere and the members were shocked because apparently, they were planning on announcing it at the end of today's concert... but we all know Hoshi and this is definitely not out of character. Lol. Based on their reactions, it seems legit but will confirm again at the end of the concert in a few hours.

He also said they'd be doing another tour after and he went on to say, "Let's all say 'Get some rest' at the count of three." Now, I know this was a joke and I know we're all happy to be getting so much SEVENTEEN content (they may also be rushing things since Jeonghan has to enlist in the military soon), but I do hope the boys get some rest somehow. 

Either way, OH MY GOD!!!

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