Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear World,

This is going to sound extremely self-obsessed and pointless, but I have to get it out there because I stepped on three different weighing scales at the mall just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating...

I, dear world, have reached my ideal weight. After a grueling 9 months of yoga and another 9 months of semi-dieting, I am finally back in the 40 - 50 kg checkbox of weight (I was previously in the 60 - 70 kg checkbox. Ew.). That's right. I lost a total of forty motherfucking pounds since I gave birth.

Hello again, Big Macs. Hello again, super-sized Potato Corner french fries. Hello again, food smothered in cheese. Hello again, bottles of whipped cream as a snack. Hello again, huge bags of M&M's. Hello again, Starbucks drinks that aren't non-fat (though, I must admit, I actually prefer the taste of non-fat Starbucks drinks now). How I've missed you all.

Ahhh. I fit into XS clothes now, and I am sooo ready to get fat again (or, at least, a little fatter). Come one, come all, into my belly. Maybe it's even time to start on daughter number two: Ember Raven. <3

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