Saturday, July 2, 2011 Look: Football Fierce

With all of the sports hype that went on all around me in June - arguing about the NBA finals while eating unhealthily at TGIF, drooling over the Azkals' Younghusbands while talking about future weddings, discussing whether tennis players like Maria Sharapova produce the same sounds in bed as they do when they serve the ball - I decided to come up with a sports-themed look:

Hype this look on!

copper and black crystal-studded adjustable ring from Forever 21

black knee-high socks from Bangkok

grey ruffled open booties from Parisian

white shorts (gift) from Pena House

white belt with black squiggly design from Genevieve Gozum

grey 'high profile' shirt from Penshoppe

Who says you can't wear knee-high socks with open booties? :)

What do you think? :) Do you have any sports-themed looks that you've posted on Lookbook? Share the links!

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