Friday, July 29, 2011 Look: Higher Hemlines

Who doesn't love Manels? I know I do. So much so, in fact, that I ended up buying two pairs of shoes during their sale this past month - plus a wallet for the babydaddy. And I didn't just buy these two pairs of shoes because they were cheap and they just happened to be there. No, there was quite a bit of scouring going on.

See, initially, I fell in love with a pair of brown clogs from Manels before the sale was even on. I saw the pair in their Alabang Town Center branch and jumped up and down when they had it in a size 37 since it is sooo hard to find a size 37 in this country. Apparently, everyone is a size 37 here. Grrr. Anyway, it turns out that I'm a size 38 in Manels, and - surprise, surprise - the clogs were sold out in my size.

Fast forward to three stores later and a few days into the sale, I finally found my size in the brown clogs at SM Sucat. Hurray! I guess it's coz no one really goes to SM Sucat. Hehe. Unfortunately, while I was at SM Sucat, I also fell in love with a pair of blue animal print flats with a gold bow (fellow blogger Pax has them, and wears them with this outfit), and - surprise, surprise - my size was sold out. It was also sold out in the two other Manels branches that I frequent. :(

Fast forward to my trip to Cebu two weeks later and I actually ended up finding my size in the blue animal print flats at Manels in Ayala Center Cebu. Hurray! (Can you believe I had to go all the way to Cebu just to find a pair that fit me?) While I was there, I also saw the staff putting price tags on the new line of shoes. I simply can't wait to get my hands on some of them!!! I actually have a voucher for regular-priced Manels items and this hot pair is definitely going to be mine when I see it:

Anyway, since my beautiful brown Manels clogs were one of the five pairs of shoes that I had with me on my trip to Cebu, I decided to wear them to my future-in-laws' 28th anniversary dinner at Marco Polo:

white sleeveless top from Bayo

brown studded belt from Tomato

purple floral skirt from Forever 21

gold charm necklace from Juicy Couture

brown studded clogs from Manels

The top is a bit big on me, which was a little annoying coz the sleeves kept falling off my shoulders during dinner, but I think I pulled it off. ;) What do you think?

Did you buy anything at Manels during their awesome sale, by the way? I'd love to see some of the looks you put together with Manels items. :) Post your links here!

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  1. I looove your skirt!! Lucky you got to see Incubus in BKK ;)