Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ballet Philippines' The Sleeping Beauty

As mentioned in my Tango Fire post before, I love dance. Well, if you are anything like me, then you will be very happy to hear that this weekend proves to be an amazing one for dance lovers in Manila - particularly those who love fairy tales and ballet (again: me!).

Anyway, Ballet Philippines' "The Sleeping Beauty" opened here last week, featuring our very own Candice and Carissa Adea along with Nobuo Fujino, a Japanese guest artist, all of which were accompanied live by the Manila Symphony Orchestra.

If you still want to catch the Manila Symphony Orchestra performing live, then you still have the chance to do that tonight (Friday, December 9) at 8pm with Katherine Trofeo as Princess Aurora and Jean Marc Cordero as Prince Desire.

The show, in general, still runs until Sunday, December 11, though. For now, here are some photos of last weekend's performances to get you more excited. :)

All photos taken from Ballet Philippines' Facebook page.

As the dance luminary Edna Vida Froilan put it, "The dancing of The Sleeping Beauty will keep you wide-awake and amazed. The dancers were breathtaking and the fairies rocked! Don't miss it!"

To see more photos, just visit Ballet Philippines' Facebook page here. For more information on Ballet Philippines, in general, visit their official website here.


  1. i love ballet! so amazing:)
    nice blog!

  2. thanks for dropping by! anyway, do you dance ballet too? dancing has always been my frustration! haha


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