Monday, December 5, 2011

The Little Things She Needs Brand Launch

On November 17, 2011, Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava invited me to the brand launch of The Little Things She Needs at Eastwood Citywalk 2.

We met at Glorietta 4 where Keigh Jalbuena of Delishoes Servings - our resident fashionista driver :p - was supposed to pick us up. After a quick and interesting catchup at Krispy Kreme (I tired the caramel glazed doughnut for the first time... so delicious!!!) and a strange experience with a semi-stalker, the Trio made their way to the brand launch - and, my, was it pretty!

Don't you just love how purple the store is?

The Little Things She Needs is a brand born in Indonesia that provides affordable yet fashionable pieces without compromising on quality. Although it considers itself to be a shoe brand more than anything else, the store is filled with pretty bags and accessories, as well - and the prices start at only Php199! Believe it.

Now, before we get to the event proper, I just want to point out an interesting thing about that day: a lot of us were wearing matching shoes! :D

Ava and me in our Rajo x Parisian Kylie Gs.
(Tracy Ayson of Fashion Fangirl was wearing her Kylie Gs that day, too!)

Francesca Arches of Her Name is Francesca and Keigh were wearing the same shoes, as well!

We took outfit shots before the event, so there would still be light. Will post about my outfit - and shoes! - later, but hey, don't you love how Keigh poses while she takes photos? Haha. Fashionista talaga!

And then the event started...

Such pretty things on display!

From ballet flats to wedges and bangles to scarves, the brand really has all of the little things we could possibly need as a girl, lady, woman, or superheroine. :) And let me just stress again: they are all at very affordable prices.

(left) Freddie Beh, the brains behind the store
(right) Laureen Uy of Break My Style, brand ambassador of The Little Things She Needs in the Philippines

We learned that The Little Things She Needs is a store made for empowered, independent and adventurous "It Girls". Are you one of them?

To kick things off after that, several event attendees were chosen to take part in a styling challenge.

I love how worried Jes Roque of MakeUp Love and Sarah Tirona of Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles look in this photo. :p

...and the styling begins!

Spot Tracy and her Kylie Gs on the far left! :)

And the winners of the challenge were the pretty ladies in Francesca's group! They got an additional Php500 in GCs along with the GCs that were already given before the event. Lucky!

Before the ribbon was cut.

After that... we all poured into the store and looked for the best things we could buy with our Php1000 GCs! Girls gone wild, as usual! Haha.

Gorgeous flats for cheap!
I wanted those bronze flats, but they didn't look good on me. :(

Pretty, pretty necklaces. I ended up getting the pink beaded necklace seen in the right picture as a freebie, but I absolutely love that necklace on the far right. Might go back for it on Thursday. Hee!

Since the guy I am currently dating isn't very tall, I don't really wear heels around him. That means I need to stock up on flats! I want these ones so bad because of the colors on them! Very American-flag / Wonder Woman, don't you think?

These are gorgeous, too, but God knows how clumsy I am. I spill food and drinks so regularly, that I just can't wear suede. At all. :(

I ended up getting these babies, too. I'm going through a huge singer-loving phase at the moment, so I just had to get them. Aren't they adorable?

(left) Keigh, having a tough time deciding which bangles to get
(right) Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter taking pictures, as usual. :)

(left) Ava, being her usual bubbly self
(right) Tracy, posing with her loot

Krissy Cruz of I am Krissy and Tracy, all done shopping!

Believe it or not, I went back to Eastwood for The Little Things She Needs the day after the launch. See, I tend to get overwhelmed at events that I end up missing out on a lot of awesome things, so I decided to spend a quieter time looking around for a bit.

And I have decided that, aside from the necklace mentioned above that I didn't get to get, I also desperately want the necklace that Krissy scored in her post. Aside from that, here are some TLTSN shoes on my wish list:

Like I said: I need more flats in my life! :p

The Little Things She Needs currently has more than 19 stores in Indonesia, 3 stores in Singapore and is about to make its way to Thailand.

As for us It Girls in the Philippines, we can enjoy shopping at The Little Things She Needs at Eastwood Citywalk 2 anytime now. Do take note that Eastwood doesn't actually open properly until noon, so don't go too early! :) Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to like The Little Things She Needs on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. You can also visit their official website here.

Thank you again, Ava, for inviting me and the TLTSN team for having me! I had a blast! :)


  1. I have to look for that necklace, it is missing somewhere in my chaotic room OR in my apartment x_x Oh the woes of having two houses.

  2. We should have a collab shoot soon!

  3. Haha! Nahalata na wala akong alam sa fashion! :)

    Great post, as usual! :)

  4. What gorgeous pieces, I love all the shoes on the table.


  5. oh wow! so many wonderful things!!! looks like you had a wonderufl time! :D

  6. this was one bazaar i wanted to go to! sayang i was only there for BU2. did you get to go? was hoping to see you tehre!


  7. angel, ano ba! major blackmail photo naman! :P

  8. So. Many. Pretty. Things. Aaaaah! Ang layo lang ng Eastwood, sana magkaroon sa south!:)

  9. oh my, these are definitely the little things we need. :D btw, check this link I immediately thought of you when I saw her shirt. :D

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  10. that is the cutest name for a store, and looks like they have tons of great things! i love your shoes, too!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  11. Cute ng shoes nyo ni Ava! I will definitely check out that store soon! :)


  12. Great post ang blog!!! :) Maybe you should try wearing suede this time. So you'd be able to train yourself to be extra careful ang not spill any liquids anymore. :)

    Followed you!xx

  13. Lovely shoes! And those accessories were lovely! Followed you my dear.. =) take care..

  14. Love this store, it's everything girls need. So happy that it will be open soon in my place!


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