Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Movie Review: The Darkest Hour

On our first day in Bangkok, Eric invited us to watch a movie at Siam Paragon with him. Although it wasn't exactly a Bangkok-y thing to do, I hadn't eaten anything for 48 hours, so the mere idea of eating a huge bucket of cheese popcorn on my own was enough to get me to agree to it. :p Haha. Besides, I wanted Kei to hear and see the King's anthem before the movie anyway.

Our choices were "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "Sherlock Holmes 2" or "The Darkest Hour". Since I hate watching movies that I haven't read the books to yet (I just bought Dragon Tattoo before the trip) and since there was only one super late showing for Sherlock, we opted for "The Darkest Hour".

Probably the most exciting and the best thing about that movie group date was the fact that we got to check out that movie cash card machine in Paragon.

Basically, you no longer have to stand in line and rely on slow people to get your tickets. You just put your card in the machine, choose the movie and movie seats that you want and it spits out your tickets. WOOT! We need this in the Philippines. Seriously. I got so aliw, it's not even funny.

Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I was secretly hoping we would watch "The Darkest Hour" because 1) I had just dated someone who looked exactly like Emile Hirsch and I still missed him terribly, 2) the trailer was friggin' awesome and 3) I love alien movies. It was mostly coz of 1), though.

via IGN

Anyway... before I go into any details, let me just say right now that "The Darkest Hour" isn't great. Yes, there were unexpected moments and yes, I got to brush up on my Russian a lil bit, but other than that, it's really nothing to write home about. Or even write about, period.

So I won't.

End of review. :p


  1. Hi! We really need that machine here in PI! Sherlock Holmes is still the king :)

  2. i havent heard of this movie, sound interesting :)


  3. sounds interesting yes thanks for sharing!

  4. Can you bring the machine here? haha! Seriously, we need that! Cool talaga ng BKK! :) Thanks for this review, alam ko na ang hindi dapat panoorin hehe! :)

  5. Such a great post, I like it!!! This movie seems simply great!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  6. The machine is so cool! I wish we have those here!!! I bet you guys had a great time!!! :) miss you, Angel!

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  7. that movie cash card machine sounds fun!