Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make Up For Ever: Marié Digby Meet and Greet

December was full of lows for me - which is partly why I have neglected my December backlogs... too many painful memories. But now that it's a whole new year and I have gotten over all of that heartbreak, I am actually ready to tackle those backlogs head-on. Go, me! Haha.

One of the very few highlights of my December was actually the Make Up For Ever event, which I was invited to by Jenny Manongdo. Before anything else, here's what I wore:

Forever 21 dress, Parisian snakeskin flats and my signature Eiffel Tower necklace

As you can see, my lil hipster baby was a part of my outfit shot, so I figured I might as well take hers, too:

Polkatots floral top, SM Department Store shorts, Bangkok beanie and a Multiply pen around her neck :p

Anyway, both the babydaddy and the lil munchkin accompanied me to The Fort because we had to pick up the LazerXtreme GCs that I won from playing lasertag there the month before and because I was raving so much about the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere that the babydaddy simply had to watch it.

After dropping them off at Market Market, I then headed to Make Up For Ever's branch in Bonifacio High Street for the event.

I didn't know much about the event going in, aside from the fact that the Youtube singing sensation Marié Digby would be there, but I was very excited to see what MUFE had in store for the holidays.

Aqua liner in a ton of different colors - every girl's dream!

Makeup in adorable animal print cases!

Cream eyeshadows and concealers galore!

A bit of camwhoring before the program is in order, don't you think?

Okay, I'll admit it: I hadn't heard of Marié Digby before this event, but I fell in love with her there all the same. Especially since the first words that came out of her mouth were, "I have that dress, too! Forever 21?" To me! Instant fan girl moment! Haha.

Aside from having a beautiful singing voice - she is most popular for her acoustic covers like Rihanna's "Umbrella", but I personally love her original songs, as well, especially "Shoulda Been Simple" - Marié Digby is also extraordinarily beautiful.

Outfit shot! Hehe.

In fact, if you check out OK! Magazine's January issue, you can see this for yourself. Marié is actually featured in it wearing four different looks using Make Up For Ever! It really is no wonder why the store was soon brimming with her fans who grabbed the chance to meet her.

You can also watch her do her favorite makeup look on her own here:

At the event, Marié gamely answered questions about makeup, adolescence and finding one's self in the journey called life.

"I encourage teenagers to work on their confidence and self-worth. Try to work on the inside first and the outside will follow," she said.

Believe it or not, Marié was actually shy, chubby and awkward as a teenager. As she grew and discovered music, though, she eventually also discovered herself.

Me with the stunning Marié Digby

With the other beautiful ladies at the event.

Thank you again so much, Jenny, for inviting me! :)

Marié Digby continues to inspire both the young and the old with her music. I am proud to announce that I am now one of those people - somewhere between the young and the old, though. :p

Yes, Marié gives me hope with her music and her beauty. Don't see why? Then buy her CD, watch her Youtube videos, read her features in magazines and if you can, try to meet her sometime, too. I guarantee you will fall in love with her, as well. :)

Make Up For Ever holds professional makeup classes and other special courses. For rates and other inquiries, visit their main website here. You can also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. :)


  1. I saw Marie at the mall and i agree she is really beautiful. a head turner

  2. So sorry December was bad for you. Well, hopefully the new year will be looking up.

    What a nice event! You are lucky to have gone.


  3. im so jealous! iv been listening to marie digby even before she got a recording and she's such an angel. :) I always like singing her "say it again" to my bf.

    and i agree she is really pretty. she had videos in youtube where she had no make up on and she was just gorgeous.

  4. Been singing Marié's Say It Again over and over last year! :) Love her voice and with just viewing at her photos in your blog post, wow! She's really beautiful and stunning! :) Cute that you both got that F21 dress! ♥♥


  5. sayang wasn't able to attend this event. so busy with work and super layo kasi ): loooove your outfit, super! i love polkadots! :)

  6. Marie Digby and I go to the same nail spa, I haven't seen her there yet though. :)


  7. Marie is such a doll! She doesn't even need make up since she is sooo beautiful :) Btw, I lurve your dress!


  8. Too bad d ako natuloy sumama dito. Anyway, S is such a cutie! Hope she'll be able to play with Sofi soon. Love your dress, Angel! :))

  9. Marie Digby is soooo flawless!! :) but the real scene stealer is actually little miss wonder woman herself! So adorable! :p your dress reminds me of Minnie Mouse haha! :p

  10. I really love Marié. Supoer inggit much.

  11. Wow that is one great event! :) Love your dress! :)


  12. Hi angel! Been meaning to comment since yesterday but we have a crappy internet service at the office :(


    PS do you have twitter?? :)

  13. Cute dress and what a cute kid! :)


  14. Wow that is cool, such a great event! Love your dress! And that is one cute kid! :)

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