Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sawadee Ka from Bangkok!

Hi, guys!

As most of you know, I am currently in Bangkok with the awesome Kei San Pablo of Kei's Lifestyle Closet. We have only been here a little over 24 hours, but wow, it has already been quite a ride.

The airport experience in itself was super hectic, what with the never-ending lines and the Australia vs. the World fights, and we actually took so long in line that they took our luggage off of the conveyor belt because another flight had already landed. We did meet a nice guy there, though, but ditched his offer to share a cab in order to try out the new Airport Rail Link.

The Airport Rail Link is Bangkok's latest transportation system. Initially, I thought it was especially for people coming from the airport (aka those with a ton of luggage), but it turns out it's open to the general public, so it was packed and having luggage just made the experience a lil more stressful.

We eventually made it to Makkasan Station, though, but then we had to find our guesthouse. We actually debated walking around, but my shoulders were already killing me from carrying my two bags around on both arms (officially never having twins, thanks!) that we decided to get a cab. So glad we did coz that was not walking distance - at least not with-bags walking distance.

Airport Link Guesthouse is a cozy little place in New Petchburi Soi 33 and I'm glad we chose it. The room is huge. There's hot water. There's wi-fi. There's a coffee place right next to it. They aren't bitchy about curfews. The only downside is that we booked it really late, so we got the room on the top floor. And there are no elevators.

Yup. We carried our bags up five flights of stairs. Not just regular flights of stairs. We're talking steep and narrow 30-step flights of stairs. It knocked Kei out when we went up it the first time, but I'm actually loving them now. I get the exercise that I need and I get to tone my legs. Woot! Optimism FTW!

(Edit: Kei just came back down and said she counted the steps. Haha. 72 steps!!!)

Anyway, after that, I decided to bring Kei to Siam Paragon and to get the full Bangkok experience, we opted to take motorcycle taxis. Except our motorcycle taxi drivers were a bit insane, so that scared the crap out of us. :p

Once we were safe and sound in Paragon, I started craving milk tea. I actually almost cried coz I'm so used to having at least one plastic cup of milk tea a day in Manila. And then, as if fate beckoned, some kid walked by and Kei saw pearls in her drink. I actually ran after the poor girl to see what the brand was, but to no avail. So we looked through the mall directory and assumed it was Chaho. It wasn't.

Right in front of it, though, was: ta-daaaaa! Ice Glace! So happy!!!

Excuse my puffy eyes. I had cried all night the night before and hadn't had any sleep.

We watched "The Darkest Hour" with Eric after that, but I'll write a separate review post on that - watch out for it! :)

We then met up with one of my best friends in the world, Mike Herbosa of Three Fold Utopia and headed over to Sportsman to see the rest of my boys. Happy to announce that Kei is not socially awkward or nor na o-O.P. with my friends. Hahaha. She's also an alcoholic like me - perfect travel companion! Woot. I think we had five decently strong drinks each that night? Awesome sauce.

I am also happy to announce that we didn't have to crawl up the 72 steps of hell and were able to walk up them just fine. There were other "complications" during that night, but since I have stalkers, I would rather not divulge the dirty details here. Haha. The highlight of the night, though? Josh telling me that I should call him if I ever need "maternal pleasing" and him trying to convince Kei that she wants to bang him. Yup. My friends are awesome. :p

I love you all and miss you terribly! Let me know what I'm missing out on in your worlds! :) Blog again soon!


  1. thank you for sharing your travel experience...its really fun and exciting if you got your girlfriends:)

  2. Enjoy your stay! I wanna go back there. I miss BKK! :))

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  4. can't wait to read more of your BKK posts. know what? i haven't been there! BKK is next in my wish list though. btw, are you near siam paragon?

  5. I love this post! Pinay's are always strategic. :D

    Please join my blog giveaway =)

  6. Awwww looks so much fun! :) Enjoy!

  7. great trip! have fun there angel! relax and unwind! you deserve it <3
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. Have fun there in Bangkok with Kei, Angel!!! :) I'm looking forward to more blog posts about your trip! Miss you here!



  9. I'm happy you ditched his sort of reminded me of that movie...takers!!

    I hope you have an awesome time & be safe!!! :D


  10. LOL about the Chaho mistake! sounds like a milk tea place to me actually :))) anyway, enjoy your trip!