Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've got a thing for rings.

I've got a thing for rings. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm a ring whore. If you've seen my fingers in real life, you'll know this is quite sad, though, seeing as I have the thinnest fingers in the universe.

I wear a size 4 when it comes to rings. In jewelry language, this means that I have the ring size of a 10-year-old. In other words, whenever I walk into beautiful ring stores like Pandora, I can't find anything that I can buy coz every single ring there is simply too big for me.

When guys buy me rings, like the Lord of the Rings ring seen above, they are so big that I have to resort to wearing them around my neck or risk losing them for life by wearing them.

This is why I have so many random rings, most of which are adjustable:

Or are connected, so I have a better grip on them:

Then there are the very rare cases where I find XS sizes or at least S sizes, which fit my other fingers:

As such, I have also ended up with a ton of rings in my drawers, some of which were gifts from people who have never seen my tiny fingers and have therefore gone completely unused and some of which I only bought to look at coz they were just that pretty. #dontjudge

As such, I figured I should have a ring sale online. My only question is: would anyone actually be interested in that? I'm a bit hesitant to sell stuff online coz I feel like I'd just be wasting my time. Lol. If enough people are interested, though, I'll definitely do it. :) Who's up for a ring sale? :D


P.S. Speaking of rings… :)

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  2. We have the same ring size and I feel for you. Haha. Anyways, you may try Etsy in selling your stuffs.

  3. i do have the same problem as you are so i always buy the adjustable one,i would love to see your rings or your stuff online,i might as well buy one :)

  4. I have tiny fingers too. I only wear my wedding rings

  5. Go for it Angel! ^ ^.

  6. i'm the same!! my fingers are size 4, too...maybe smaller for other fingers. i can never find cute rings that fit.

  7. I also have tiny/thin fingers. And I rarely find a ring that fits my size. If there is one fitting ring, I don't like its style.

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