Saturday, January 4, 2014

I live for the lil things.

While most people were being hopeful about 2014, I actually ended the first day of it on a semi-depressed note. See, my older brother and my nephew left on January 1 to go back to Davao and I had a bit of trouble coping with their absence.

While I did have to sleep on the couch for the duration of their stay, I had grown accustomed - and even in-love - with the tiny ball of happiness that would come out of my room beaming at me every morning and give me a morning kiss.

comix top from Solo / pink skirt from Forever 21

Also, nothing could beat knowing that my brother was just a few steps away if I needed someone to drink or talk with. I especially loved how he appreciated my corniness and mere presence in this house.

Hearing someone laugh at my stupid jokes and actually say "thank you" for the smallest things made me appreciate life so much more and made me feel like I was important in some way. It sounds stupid, but I live for lil things like that.

bracelet from Alex and Ani 

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this bracelet from my momma. <3

floral headband from Quirkypedia

This cutesy headband can also be turned into a necklace, by the way! Check out my cool Quirkypedia connector ring here.

hot pink phone case from Digital Walker

Thank God for shock-proof cases! Aside from the shock-proof-ness and it being hot pink, I also love that it has dust plugs for its sockets. <3 They have a version of this that comes with a foldable stand on the back, too, btw. Uber want!!!

blue folding ballet flats from The Little Things She Needs

Foldable shoes couldn't get any cuter!

After Rod and Raj left, I didn't know what to do with my life, so I spent the past few days out and about with my boys, hoping that I wouldn't think about the absence of the Rodriguez boys so much. But, at the end of the day, I'd still be back at home, wishing they were here. Sigh.

It really is the lil things in life that money can't buy that truly matter at the end of the day, huh?

Right now, I am surviving on the random text messages and virtual hugs of one of the most amazing men in the universe (the other men I deem 'amazing' being my dad and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). And while I'm probably just setting myself up for heartbreak all over again, I really don't care right now. Some men are just darned worth the potential heartbreak.

Boom. Lil Miss Cheeseballs is so back. XD