Friday, January 24, 2014

Bad with Compliments

I am super bad with compliments.

beanie from Front Row Shop / glasses from Four Eyes / plaid top from Penshoppe / shorts from What a Girl Wants / slip-ons from J&M

When I get a compliment through text - even just something like "You ain't ever boring" - I end up staring at the screen for a good minute before I type a response, delete the response, type another response, delete the response again and just do that 100 times until it has come to the point where it's taken me too long to respond that whoever I was texting has already fallen asleep or it's already gotten a lil awkward coz it's on Google Chat or iMessage where whoever I am texting can see that I'm typing and may or may not be waiting for my response.

When I get a compliment in person, like "You are so pretty", I end up looking away, pretending I didn't hear the compliment yet replay it over and over in my head until I realize it was kinda rude that I ignored the compliment and play certain scenarios in my head where I was witty about it instead and just completely zone out on the rest of the conversation after that, making myself look even more rude.

Hay. Yup. I'm bad with compliments. Does anyone have any advice on how I can remedy this? Like, what do you say when someone compliments you? "Thank you"? Isn't that kinda condescending? "No, I'm not"? That will only make the person explain why you are and make it even more awkward, no?

Do I think too much?


  1. I think you just nod your head and smile at least the person/s feel/s that you acknowledged what he/she said. :)

  2. You shoe are cute. I normal just say thank you

  3. Just say "Thank you and smile" =) Positive response will brighten up your day.. Another thing, when a person compliments at you it means he or she wants to be compliment too. #PositiveVibes =)

  4. I've been loving plaid tops these past few days and you def rocked this one.

    This reminded me how I'm also a bit awkward when receiving compliments. If it's in my blog comments, I usually just say thank you but if it's in person, I tend to blush, flash a sweet and shy smile and say thanks quickly then I'd change the topic na. Hahaha!


  5. Oh you should be used to it by now :)

  6. One little smile is the best way to reply one's complement. However, ignorance is just a bad manner. So, try to be comfortable with the compliment given, am sure you feel awesome when you realize your importance by a nice comment or complement.Thank you for displaying a descent, well outfit here, looking very pretty with this. Fashion Chinese Dresses are today's fashion it suits every taste, my hearty suggestion you must try.

  7. OMG!! I feel bad na hindi na ako updated sa buhay buhay mo Angel! hihi. Will start back reading your blog now na!! :D