Monday, May 5, 2014

I think you're amazing.

I'm still on an Amazing Spider-Man high and that is what I will attribute the red-ness of this outfit and the multiple mentions of the word 'amazing' on.

Photos by Renee Fopalan.

black glasses from Glasses Shop / red dress from Rosegal / black jacket from Folded & Hung / studded collar necklace from House of Luxe / heels with heart print from Chick Flick Collection

To be honest, this dress looks nothing like what it looks like on the Rosegal site, but I love it all the same. <3

The beauty about this blogpost is that I know you won't read it because you don't like to read blogs. The beauty about this is that I can say whatever I want to without having to worry about rejection.

Whether you end up reading this or not, though, I just want you to know that you are amazing. Other people may take you for granted. Other people might not take you seriously. But I think you are downright amazing.

Asked for new contacts, but got 3 new pairs of eyeglasses from Glasses Shop instead. No complaints! This pair is my current go-to piece coz it goes with anything!

You are amazing because you genuinely care about other people's feelings. You are amazing because you make it a point to make other people feel wanted, cared for and appreciated. You are amazing because you never complain about anything. You are amazing because you compliment people without even knowing it. You are amazing merely because you are you, so don't let other people make you believe otherwise.

I am not here to make papansin or hope that you'll throw me a bone. I am simply here to make a virtual mark on my blog, so that one day, I can look back at this blogpost and remember how I felt about you once upon a time - how, at one point, I felt the urge to give you everything that you wanted because you deserve it; and how, at one point, my only goal in life was to make you happy and see you smile.

We may never happen, and I'll be okay with that (…eventually :p). However, you make my heart happy for the time being and I believe that deserves a blogpost in itself. After all, what better memory to preserve in a blogpost than the happy kind? :) Thanks, you. x


  1. So cute, Angel! Love the heart print on your shoes :)


  2. Aaaaahhhh parang feeling ko ako nagsulat nito HAHA. Every. Word. I especially love this line, "I felt the urge to give you everything that you wanted because you deserve it; and how, at one point, my only goal in life was to make you happy and see you smile." So on point.

    I love this post, Angel. :)