Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stay Strong.

It's easy for people to take things for granted, like text messages about someone's day or nights that you spend together drinking just coz you're bored.

However, when you go from seeing a person every single day to just once every few weeks, you'll end up appreciating every lil thing so much more. Trust me.

Yes, I undercutted my hair again.

So, never take even the smallest things for granted - even if it's just a goodbye kiss or a simple two-word reminder on how to deal with life or why you're going through what you're going through.

And when you feel like you've been forgotten or you feel like a person no longer cares about you coz the time and attention once given to you has been cut by 99.9%, remember what's important: not the amount of time and attention given to you, but the fact that they actually give you time and attention when they can, even if it's just one text message every 2 days or a few hours together every 2 weeks.


Everything worth having is worth the wait, so don't give up on something great for something that will only give you pleasure in the short term.

Two of my current addictions: Lucky Strikes and scarves.

This applies to both materialistic things like adidas shoes that you have to save up for and non-materialistic things like relationships that will eventually stand the test of time.

Double chyeah.

Have faith, be patient, don't lose hope, don't forget to breathe and evaluate, and above all things: stay strong.

Photos by Gizelle Caoile.

galaxy print dress from Get Laud! via Zalora / denim jacket from Uniqlo / black scarf from Ensembles / Star Wars Galactic Empire necklace from Fandom Trinkets / Star Wars Stormtrooper sneakers from Vans


  1. cute dress

  2. Can relate ako dito sa taken for granted. Lalo na pag madalas mo makakasama ang tao. Ang bumabagabag lang sakin is, bakit may ibang tao alam magpahalaga, may ibang tao na hindi? May ibang tao na kahit madalas mo makasama, alam mo na mahalaga sila sa iyo.


  3. Nice post! So simple yet so badass.
    True enough that we must treasure every relationship. There will be people who'll be forgetful and take us for granted but as long as we're true to ourselves that we make an extra cut in our schedule just to fit them (just like you said even a simple text message every once in a while), there's no guilt in that when the relationship suddenly breaks down. You did your part and there's nothing to regret. ;)