Tuesday, June 9, 2015

6 Famous People Who (Probably Unintentionally) Made Sunglasses Their 'Thing'

Isn't it amazing how you can spot a pair of sunglasses online or in a store and exclaim, "OMG. This is so < insert famous person here >."

While some of my friends say the foot-pop with my matching side-tongue-out face is my 'thing', I sometimes wish I had a real 'thing' I could call my own. You know?

For now, though, here are some famous people who made sunglasses their 'thing':

6. Kenickie in Grease

I don't even know what these glasses are called, but I have a pair. And only coz they remind me of good ol' Kenicks. After all, he looked sooooo much better wearing them than he did not wearing them.

5. The Blues Brothers

Yes, I know there are two of them, but I'm counting them as a single entity. It's my blog and I can count as badly as I want. :p

Anyway, have you ever stopped to think who made Wayfarers a thing? I didn't until today, tbh, and I'm not even sure if I'm right (it could be Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Michael Jackson), but I definitely think about the Blues Brothers whenever Syrena and I rock ours together.

4. Neo in the Matrix

This pair will forever be known as the 'Matrix sunglasses'.

3. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of class and style in any type of sunglasses, but it is her I automatically think of whenever I see cat eye sunglasses. Audrey (naks, close kami!) made people realize that sunglasses could be the cherry on top of an outfit sundae and that, yes, women sometimes look cooler and definitely more effortlessly chic wearing them than men do.

2. Tom Cruise in Top Gun
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I dare you not to think of Tom Cruise when you see aviator sunglasses. Or okay. Zac Efron. You can think of Zac Efron, too. He wears them all the time and he looks darned good in them.

1. John Lennon

Of course. As with the 'Matrix sunglasses', these will forever be known as the 'John Lennon sunglasses'. Coz honestly, does anyone know what they're called? Yeah, they're round and shit, but does it have a name… other than 'John Lennon sunglasses', that is?

Oh, how to be as effortlessly cool as these guys.

I had quite a bit of fun doing this. Hehe. I might come up with a superhero edition of this next. Any ideas on who will make the cut? Stay tuned!


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