Thursday, February 11, 2016

Help!!! Where Can I Buy Good Workout Clothes?

If you follow me on social media, you should know that I started working out again this month. I stopped taking MySlim after reaching a size 2 in my clothes and to ensure I keep fit the healthy way, I've been trying best to go to a pole dancing class at Chrome Divas once a week, go to the Kettlebellista gym once a week, and do yoga once a week.

Unfortunately, since I lost a ton of weight, I have had trouble finding workout clothes in my closet that actually still fit me.

That's me on the right!

I found some awesome new sports bras and cycling shorts at a department store recently, which are perfect for yoga and for pole dancing, but since I go to Kettlebellista with my guy friends, I don't wanna strut around there in a sports bra and cycling shorts. For this, I like getting casual tees from Crimson to complete any look. :)

However, I'm still not satisfied. After all, who can ever get enough of good workout clothes? Do you have any suggestions on where I can get some good, comfy, lightweight tees and affordable yoga pants? :)


  1. Under Armour has a lot of great work out clothes.

  2. Online stores on Instagram. Lots of good quality kinda-affordable sports-wear stores.
    Here are some: @millennx, @blackboughsweat, @eskinaph, @alcis_asthletica