Monday, October 24, 2016

The Little Things That Make Me Happy

I've never been the fashionista girly girl who dresses up to the nines when she attends events. I've always been more of the "this is what I'm comfortable in - take it or leave it" kind of girl.

While I don't mind slipping on a dress for something important or to surprise the boyfriend with, most of the time this is how I dress. Say hello to my staples: a geeky shirt and awesome footwear. I think my bottoms and my accessories are the only things that I really change up in terms of my go-to getups.

I wore this to the press con of the AsiaPop Comic Con a few months ago. It was my first time at Conrad Hotel and I absolutely loved the place - from the friendly faces to the interiors to the gorgeous view from their gigantic glass wall. Let's not forget that Conrad happens to be my favorite hotel in Bangkok and my favorite hotel for buffets in Singapore. Conrad never disappoints, it seems!

Uniqlo never disappoints, either. This Star Wars shirt I got from their store totally threw my happiness levels through the roof when I got it, too. I think I bought 4 shirts at Uniqlo that day, but this is one of my favorites Star Wars shirts to date (I have a whole collection of them - did you know? :p)

I especially love this one because it doesn't just scream of Star Wars geekery; it's witty, too. It's not too visible in the photos, but it says "This is where it's AT-AT." Hahahaha. Star Wars fans will get it. :p

I think the peak of my day that day, though, was catching a bunch of Voltorbs and Magnetons. :p It was my first time in the Pasay area and Pokemon GO was still in full swing then and I swear I had a field day just catching the little buggers. Happiness definitely comes easy in Anj-land. :p

Sadly, Pokemon GO has kind of died down now, and I have found myself playing a lot of Kim K: Hollywood, Shuffle Cats and Pokeland Legends in its stead. If you have any app recommendations, please do send them over! :)

(black Wayfarers from Ray-Ban / white Star Wars AT-AT shirt from Uniqlo / beige blazer from Sammy Dress / blue cut-off jeans from Human / colorful ZX Flux shoes from adidas)
Photos by Julian Carag.

Also, what are some of the small things that make you happy? :) That could be an idea for a blog post, if you're looking for inspiration. Would love to read some of your latest thoughts, in general, though, so make sure to leave your link below! :)


  1. Love how you layered a blazer over a star wars shirt.

  2. First of all, you look amazing, Anj! Love the touch of color on your Adidas Flux shoes!

    As for Pokemon Go, it's sad na it died down after all the hype. Last time I opened my Pokemon Go app was in Saigon because apparently, people there are still hooked to playing the game. I'm currently playing Stardom and I think it's pretty much like the Kim K game?

    Hope you're having a great week! :)


  3. Love how the colorful outfit compliments your neutral-colored clothes! :)

  4. What makes me happy? I recommend doing it the best and the best.