Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How Far Would I Go for a Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Concert Ticket?

I was just chatting with a fellow Belieber a few minutes ago and I was telling her that, yes, it's confirmed: JUSTIN BIEBER'S PURPOSE TOUR IS COMING TO MANILA!!!

Yes, my fellow Beliebers, this is not a drill. Now is the time to freak out and check how much money you've actually got and if you've got any to spare for his concert after tuition fees and ToyCon. I don't know about you, but I am FREAKING OUT!!! I was just telling Koji after watching the Britney Spears concert: "Justin Bieber nalang, okay nako sa concert life ko." And now here it is - right for the taking… well, for Php17,850 for the best view, anyway.

The excitement is unreal, though!!! I've been a closet Belieber since the first time he jumped out of his "Baby" shell and a not-so-closeted Belieber for the last few years when they started playing his music in bars. (I just can't resist screaming out the lyrics and dancing along while shouting "IT'S MY JAM WOOOOO" whenever a Justin Bieber song comes on.)

And then I realised that, while I may have thrown a tantrum and cried and whined like a child for a Britney Spears concert ticket, I would be willing to go through so much more for a Justin Bieber Purpose Tour ticket… probably because Justin's abs are on the line this time.

I want to go to this concert so badly, I would actually volunteer as tribute for the Hunger Games if given the chance (after the concert, of course… I'm not sure how reliable my survival skills are anymore). I want to go to this concert so badly, I would actually be willing to stand naked smack in the middle of Bonifacio High Street during its busiest hours. I want to go to this concert so badly, I would make an effort to recreate all of Justin Bieber's videos to prove how much I love him. (Pero siyempre, mas mahal ko pa rin si Julian. Boom.)

AHHHHH!!! Where can I sell my kidneys for a fair price??? (Only half joking.)

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  1. I won't miss this for the world. I'll make sure to grab a ticket as early as now.

    Cath Brookes
    Must see Physical Healing