Friday, June 16, 2017

Snow Crystal White Tomato Works Like Natural Sunscreen for Healthy-Looking Skin

You guys all know that I am proud of my morena skin. However, what I am not proud of is the amount of time I spend in the sun every time the summer season comes around. In fact, I love the sun so much that my skin color turns a weird, exceedingly dark, almost ash-like color. Well, I finally found a product that works like a Natural Suncreen and keeps my skin looking healthy at the same time.

Snow Crystal White Tomato contains some of the most potent ingredients for healthy white skin. It has 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids (PhytoflORAL) from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes that don’t just whiten the skin and even out skin tone, but also reduce the signs of aging and defend the skin from UV rays.

Snow Crystal White Tomato also happens to be extremely affordable compared to other similar brands in the market. Most other brands abroad that use PhytoflORAL or colorless carotenoids can cost anywhere between Php5,900 to Php6,900; but Snow Crystal White Tomato only costs Php2,985. It also comes in the form of soap for only Php299.

The best part is that it also contains 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione, a highly powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals and repairs skin for a healthy glow from within. (Read: Snow Crystal White Tomato happens to be the first brand to combine both of these products in one tablet; so you get so many benefits out of just one product.

Snow Crystal White Tomato also has Bioperine in it to help the body absorb the PhytoflORAL and L-Glutathione better. Naturally, the faster the body absorbs the nutrients, the faster and better results you will get. I was lucky enough to try out the product before it is out in the market and I am loving it so far! I’ll be writing a better, more personal review in a few months after I experience the full effects of the product, as well, so make sure to stay tuned for that!

Snow Crystal White Tomato will be available at all leading drugstores nationwide starting this July 2017. To stay updated with the release of this Natural Sunscreen, like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram at @snowskinwhite7 J

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