Saturday, October 12, 2019

'Insatiable' Season 2 is Even Crazier Than the First Season

I've always had a hard time answering the question, "Is Insatiable any good?" Coz honestly, I can't call it "good". To be honest, 'Insatiable' is pretty bad in the sense that they talk about pretty bothersome topics and don't seem to offer up any morals.


In the first season alone; they touched on fat-shaming, closet homosexuality, threesomes, murder, physical abuse, bad parenting, and a bunch of other topics that could really strike a chord in anyone who watches it and can relate to said topics. Instead, what I always answer now is that: "Insatiable is so bad, it's good" because like a car crash, I can't seem to look away. However, I can't say that the show sucks, either. After all, 'Insatiable' is one of those series that I binge-watched so quickly, I finished it in a day.

Season 2 isn't any different. In fact, it is even crazier than the first season. And again, I finished it in a day. There are more ganaps in Season 2 than I could keep track of. Almost every episode left me in shock and made me go "WTF" to myself. This time around, though, I already knew what I was getting into; so I didn't take it as seriously as I did the first season. Instead, I just dove headfirst into the craziness and the madness of their world, and I definitely enjoyed it more because of it.

We do get to see Patty binge-eat like there's no tomorrow so many times in it, though, that it took me back to the days when I was obese myself (I weighed around 180 pounds back in college). To be honest, it made me want to stuff my own face. I didn't... which is a good thing... but it could be a trigger for other binge-eaters out there, so be careful when watching.

Watch out for former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz' appearance in the show! She told us in an interview that she channeled her inner Miranda Priestly for the role, and she definitely nailed it!

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