Tuesday, December 10, 2019

You deserve better.

(These are old photos.)

When you're stuck in a bad relationship, your friends will usually tell you that you shouldn't settle for whatever it is that you're in. They will tell you: "You deserve better." And most of the time, you won't believe them. It's hard, after all, to believe that someone whom your current significant other can't even stay loyal to would deserve anything better than exactly that. But I am here to tell you that what your friends are saying is 100% true: you do deserve better.

You deserve to be pursued every day of your life. Don't settle for someone who makes you feel like you're a burden or a mere option in theirs. You deserve someone who makes you feel like they really want to see you - someone who tells you their intentions and makes sure your plans push through when you make plans.

You deserve to fall asleep with a smile on your face every single night because you're in the arms of someone who makes you feel safe. You deserve to keep smiling when you wake up in the middle of the night seeing and hearing them sound asleep on the other side of the bed because they know you like your personal space in bed. You deserve to then wake up in the morning to them smothering you with snuggles and cuddles and light kisses - and not because they're secretly hoping for morning sex, but because they genuinely just appreciate your being next to them.

You deserve someone who listens to your strong opinions and accepts that you don't always agree on everything, and that that's okay. You deserve to spend long road trips that you love in utter silence, taking in the scenery and the music and the moment, without being interrogated about why you're being so quiet. You deserve peaceful mornings, peaceful meals, and a peaceful heart. Always.

You deserve to feel contentment and happiness in ways you have never felt before. You deserve to be snuggled and cuddled when you least expect it. Your hand deserves to be held by one that reassures you and makes you feel secure. You deserve to be part of someone's plans - not just today, but in their future. You deserve to be told that you matter. You deserve to be cared for, loved, and adored. You do. All day everyday.

If they make you feel otherwise, leave. Don't waste your time on a dead end and open yourself up to the possibility that there is someone better out there - the 'better' that you deserve, the 'better' that I have finally found.


  1. hugs,


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