Friday, March 27, 2020

The BF Homes Guide: Restaurants That Deliver During the Quarantine

Let's face it: the enhanced community quarantine has been hard on everyone. And while we are already aware that some people have it much harder than others, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't speak up about our own problems, no matter how shallow they may be compared to others.

One of the biggest hurdles that people in my village - BF Homes in Paranaque - has been facing during the ECQ is where to get food. If you live here, you'll know how accustomed people are to eating out since there are so many restaurants in the area. Truth is: work gets in the way and people are so busy that it has become the norm to order out to lessen the load at home.

What I've come to notice is that every time I post what I've ordered for the day on my social media accounts, people always ask where I got it from. So if you are in need of a list of restaurants that are delivering food in BF Homes, I've made a list. (I didn't include big places like McDonald's, KFC, Baliwag, Angel's Pizza, or Andok's - but they're open, too!)



Photo from Angus' Facebook page.

My favorite pares place in BF delivers! This is actually the first restaurant I ordered food from when I got random cravings during the ECQ. Pares aside, they also have tapa, sisig, bagnet, and crispy bacon, to name a few. Their food here is sooooo good. Promise.



Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

Craving for lumpiang ubod or puto? Azon's has both and they're ALL delicious. I ordered these the other day and they didn't last very long. Lol. The Lumpiang Ubod (Php65) is super fresh and the Puto Pao with Salted Egg (Php150 for 8 pieces) tastes like siopao... but on puto. Basta. Sarap! Solid.

Bamba Bistro


Photo from Bamba Bistro's Facebook page.

Bamba Bistro has been around for the longest time and their longevity speaks volumes about their food. Order some Lechon Sliders during the quarantine. You deserve it.

Bicol's Best Toasted Siopao

Message Bemboi on Facebook for orders.

Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

If you're craving for toasted siopao (Box of 12: Php135, Box of 21: Php225, Box of 32: Php337), you can still get it delivered during the quarantine. Bicol's Best has even upped their game by adding other products to the delivery mix, including cheese donuts, pan de coco, monay (Php7 each), and pork siomai (3 for Php20).

Black Scoop Cafe

09166550636 / 09992991580

Photo from Black Scoop Cafe's Facebook page.

I literally jumped for joy when I found out yesterday that Black Scoop Cafe delivers. If you have milk tea cravings, GET TO IT. My personal favorite is their Brown Sugar Latte.



Photo from Brunch's Facebook page.

Brunch is my go-to restaurant in BF for comfort food and if you haven't tried their food yet, now is the best time to fall in love with them. Believe me when I say that EVERYTHING on their menu is good. You won't go wrong with anything that you order. Tried and tested.

Dusadee Thai


Photo from Dusadee Thai's Facebook page.

Although the taste of the food here is catered more to the Filipino palate, Dusadee Thai has good food made of authentic Thai ingredients. Their Bagoong Rice meals with pork, chicken, or fish (Php120) will fill you up nicely. Their Tomyum with noodles (Php150) isn't too spicy in case you don't like spiciness. They've got Thai Iced Tea (Php60) and Mango Sticky Rice (Php110), too.

Ianne's Kitchen

Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

Satisfy your lasagna cravings by ordering a pan from Ianne's Kitchen (Php420 - Php1,650). They have pans good for 2 people and pans good for 18 people, depending on your needs.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Photo from Mama Lou's Facebook page.

Mama Lou's needs no introduction. It is practically a household name. They're offering hot meals and frozen home-cooked meals for delivery during the quarantine. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Mambo Chicken


Photo from Mambo Chicken's Facebook page.

I haven't tried their food yet and from what I've understood, they just opened recently? But they've got Korean fried chicken, tteokpokkji, and japchae, and that's good enough for me!

Mandarin Palace


Our go-to family get-together restaurant delivers now, too - perfect for my upcoming birthday celebration, if you ask me. :p I almost fainted when I heard the news. And my dad got so excited, we're ordering for lunch tomorrow. If you love Chinese food, this is the place to get it from. The entire family will love it - guaranteed!

Picada Tapeo Ristorante


Photo from Picada Tapeo Ristorante's Facebook page.

If you're craving for Spanish food, their food is reeeeeally good. I highly recommend their Gambas (Php332), Salpicao (Php352), Patatas Bravas (Php252), and Paella. If you have wine at home despite the current liquor ban, their food will go perfectly well with it.

Ritchie's Diner

09218623249 / 09751788161

Photo from Ritchie's Diner's Facebook page.

Craving for diner style fare? Ritchie's has also been around for a while and although I love their ambiance, we'll have to do with eating their delicious food at home for now. My personal favorite is their Steak and Eggs, but they've also got a bunch of other comfort food like mac 'n' cheese and milkshakes.

Rock's Deli

Photo from Rock Deli's Facebook page.

Longganisa, hot dog, corned beef, luncheon meat, bacon, ham, nuggets, patties, tapa, tocino, sausage - they've got it.

Romanos Kitchen

Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

Want actual home-cooked meals that vary day by day? Romano's Kitchen offers daily meals good for 3 to 5 people.



Photo from Sensei's Facebook page.

Bruce Ricketts' masterpiece and a crowd favorite, Sensei delivers their Japanese food now, too! Take note that they only accept payment through BDO bank deposit or PayPal, though. Fortunately, I have the latter. :D


09159342379 / 09173219476

Photo from Shabunoki's Facebook page.

If you're craving for samgyup or shabu shabu, YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Yes, Shabunoki delivers, guys. Believe it.

Shima Japanese Restaurant


Photo from Shima's Facebook page.

If you're craving for Japanese food, one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in the area delivers! Again: can't go wrong with anything on their menu. And if you're already a Japanese food lover, then I really don't need to make any recommendations. You probably already know what you want.

Syudad by Barrio Fiesta


Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

Want quick ready-to-eat meals? Check out Syudad by Barrio Fiesta. Just heat and serve!

Tav Express


Photo from Tav Express' Facebook page.

Although I practically live in Tavern Asia, I don't really frequent Tav Express; but if you're looking for breakfast staples and pulutan staples. Perfect for the lucky few who still have a stock of beer at home.

VMJ Meatshop


Photo from the BF Homes Facebook group.

You can get Crispy Fried Chicken, Crispy Pata, Crispy Ulo, Lechon Kawali, Crispy Tenga, and Crispy Batok Slice delivered to your doorstep as needed!

Won Chicken


Photo from Won Chicken's Facebook page.

A new Korean discovery for me near our place, Won Chicken is located next to Baliwag in the street in front of Pitong Daan. It may be hard to find, but you can get their food delivered to you now for the utmost convenience. Their chicken aside, they also have ssamgyeop (Php400), Korean ramen (Php250), and kimchi pancakes (Php350). Their mandu is good, too.

Stay safe and stay at home, guys. Get your food delivered instead if you need to. Let me know if I missed any, so I can add them to the list! :)


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing I just want to ask if the BF Homes allow Grab/Lalamove drivers to go inside to pick up orders from restaurants? Thanks!

    1. Not anymore. :( But most of the restaurants I've listed here have their own delivery services, so they might still be able to deliver to you. Do you live in BF?


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