Monday, March 9, 2020

The New Generation

We live in a generation where people can comment on everything that they see you do, where people will have an opinion on everything that they encounter, and where people tend to judge other people based on the things that they hear. Nobody cares about the other side of the story anymore. No one gives a fuck about the truth. They live on gossip, on hearsay, and on 'tea'.

We meet so many new people everyday: at work, in school, at events, on social media; and so many people know so much more about us than they should just by stalking and scrolling. Gone are the days when you sit down with someone to find out their life story. Gone is the generation when you'd have to make legit plans with someone to find out what they've been up to lately.

Because of this, we've become so focused on other people, as well - on what they're doing, on how we compare with them, and on what they think. We seek validation. We seek opinions. We sometimes forget to think for ourselves.

When we post something, it's to show people sides of ourselves that we want them to see. We post things to make parinig. We post things to make people laugh. But what we forget is that there are so many other layers behind what you see online.

As impressive as people might be on the web or as notorious as people might sound through the mouths of other people, you need to remember that other people's opinions of you (or their opinions on other people close to you) shouldn't matter.

This is why I always give people a chance, no matter what other people might say about them. I like to form opinions on people I meet based on my own personal experiences with them as opposed to the experiences of other people with them. If I hadn't done this, I never would have met my current best friend.

It also isn't healthy to judge people based on their past because people change and people grow... well, some of them, anyway. I can attest to the fact that I am definitely not the same person that I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or even last year.

Give people the chance to show you that they are kind, caring, loving, and pure. Give them the chance to show that they're sincere. Give them the chance to prove that they aren't what other people say they are. Sure, there will be some bad apples in the bunch who really are as rotten to the core as people claim; but there are also those who actually have a good heart.

Everyone has a deeper side that they only show to special people. You could be that special person to them and you could discover something out of this world that you would have missed out on if you had listened to what others say.

Get to know people yourself. Make your own impressions. Judge them on how they treat you. Let's face it: we never treat people equally. We build up walls for the world that special people can break down. We choose the people we share intimate stories with. We only tell the truth to those who deserve it. So never judge people based on what you hear or read. Get to know them yourself and let your own mind and heart decide what kind of person they are.

If things go to shit - and yes, a lot of people will let you down - at least you can chalk it up to experience; but you'll never reach the stars if you don't take that leap first.

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  1. I hate that people are so quick to judge people.