Monday, May 4, 2020

ASTRO Shares Their Favorite Songs from the New Album 'Gateway'

Hello, fellow AROHAs!!! Yesterday was an awesome day for me - one I had waited for with bated breath because yes, ASTRO finally released their 7th Mini Album 'Gateway'! And that's not all! They also released a new music video, and it is everything I could have possibly hoped for. Cha Eun-woo is just so darned dreamy!!! Watch it here if you haven't yet:

Their good looks aside, though, I also have to commend the intense choreography that they did for this song... and those dreamy-like stairs (and stares!). Haha.

If you're an AROHA, I'm sure you've already listened to the new album several times by now (as I have). Well, in case you're interested in knowing which songs out of the album the members loved the most, here are their answers based on an Instagram interview by Soompi:


Sanha's LSS out of the new album is '12 Hours' because of the lyrics. He also points out that it's a good bedtime song. Since he is very particular about lyrics, he says 'Star' would fit his personality best because it reminds him of all of his memories with ASTRO so far.


Rocky says his favorite track is 'We Still' because of the melody and the explosive energy of the chorus that makes his heart feel free. However, the song that best fits his personality is the title track 'Knock' because its refreshing and powerful vibe matches his dance style well.


Moonbin also loves 'We Still' because it's refreshing and touching. 'Every Minute' fits his personality most, though, because it is hopeful and bright.


MJ shares that 'We Still' touched his heart from the very beginning, but 'Somebody Like' fits his cool and refreshing vibe best.


JinJin's favorite song is the song that he made for us AROHA while waiting, 'Lights On'. He says he can identify most with 'When You Call My Name', though, because of its happy and refreshing vibe.


Eun-woo says he likes 'Somebody Like' because it gets more exciting the more you listen to it. And being the adorable lil joker that he is (oops - you can clearly tell who my bias is now hahaha), he says 'When You Call My Name' fits his personality best because he wants lots of people to call his name. Lelz. :p

I've listened to 'Gateway' for the past few hours and I have to say: while I am happy to hear new music from ASTRO, I'm also a little sad because six songs simply weren't enough to satisfy my selfish AROHA heart.

Fortunately, all of the songs are amazing, though my current favorite is 'Lights On' (though 'We Still' is a very close second). 'Lights On' just hits different the minute it starts.

What's your favorite song from 'Gateway', fellow AROHAs? :)

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