Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Why Starbucks Delivery Means So Much to Me Right Now

If you know me well, you will know that Starbucks has always been a staple in my life. Since I work from home, I have spent most of the past decade at Starbucks (the Phase I one in BF Homes).

See, back when I was still a smoker, it was the only comfortable place to smoke while working here in BF. You could even plug in your gadgets in the sockets outside. (Those don't exist anymore last time I checked.) That's not all, though. That particular branch also happens to be close to home. Plus, my pole studio is right behind it. I also like the quiet and calm ambience, and how the baristas there treat me like family by now.

It's not too crowded; the aircon is hella cold (perfect for days when I wanna snuggle in a hoodie); the couches are comfy (if you're early and lucky enough to snag one); and my friends loved hanging out there, as well. I also ended up dating a barista there once, but that's an entirely different story reserved for another time. :p

So imagine the adjustment phase that came with the BF Homes lockdown. Coffee shops were one of the first places to close and while I was lucky to get a huge box of Great Taste Brown Barako Coffee Mix before lockdown started to tide me over, I have to admit that it wasn't the same. I missed going out. I missed having a wide array of options for my coffee and food. And I missed standing there in line in front of the counters deciding on what my tummy was craving for on that particular day.

Just imagine the void that appeared in my heart (and stomach) when I lost all of that.

Although things still aren't back to normal, I am proud to announce that Starbucks (at least here in our village) is finally back in delivery form.

I may not have gotten my ambience, my aircon, or my place of peace back; but at least I have my productivity back. See, as delicious as Great Taste or Maxim Gold might be, they simply don't give me the caffeine kick that I need for my brain to go into complete productivity overdrive.

Since Starbucks' brewed coffee has a higher coffee to water ratio, they have more caffeine than others (or so I've heard) - just the right amount to make me feel a good kind of alive.

My personal favorite, Starbucks' Cold Brew Coffee, has 155mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz. The Blonde Caffe Americano apparently has more, but I love the taste of their Cold Brew the best. I sometimes get a bigger size just to pour some of it into my ice cube trays for some Kori Kohi the next day. 

There are some limitations to the Starbucks delivery here in BF, though. They don't have whipped cream or non-fat milk, for example. And the food options are super limited, so you have to check what's available by the day. Some days, they have a lot of choices. Other days, they only have one kind of sandwich available. But still... the mere fact that they are back in my life is enough to make me incredibly happy.

Ang babaw ko, noh? :p

What has been keeping you sane and making you happy during quarantine lately?

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  1. I so miss Starbucks. I haven't had it in months.