Sunday, June 21, 2020

6 date night ideas to help you stay closer while apart

Couples, even those living within a few kilometers from each other, have unexpectedly shifted to long distance relationships because of COVID-19. And even though the country is slowly moving towards easing restrictions, safety under these changing times is still of the utmost importance.

Without a doubt, life in quarantine has forced all of us to get creative in terms of our relationships. How do we send love to our partners while self-isolating and keep the spark alive? While the distance remains, here are some date night ideas - data and Internet capability allowing - to help you #StayCloserApart and your hearts growing fonder:

Have an online game night.

For couples with a competitive streak, keep the spark alive by setting up a game night. Whether it’s an RPG you play via platforms like Discord or Twitch, or a virtual escape room you try to solve together; there are many available ways to bond over a shared desire to win.

There's also Animal Crossing on Switch, where you can even go on virtual dates in-game. And of course, there's always good ol' Mobile Legends... but I can't promise that will end well. :p

Complete a workout together.

If you get motivated to exercise when your SO is beside you to cheer you on, maybe you’ve become a bit lazy or uninspired to finish a routine alone. If this is the case, try taking an online class together. Whether it’s an intense HIIT workout or a fun and energetic Zumba class, you can still be each other’s workout buddies while apart.

Try out a new recipe.

We’ve seen all kinds of cooking and baking challenges since the start of quarantine - from Dalgona coffee to sushi bake - with lots of people trying their hands at these DIY recipes. If neither of you are very good in the kitchen, help each other out virtually and try the same recipe together for a new spin on sharing a meal.

Tip: dress up and light a candle, too, so you can bask in the ambience of your date night.

Go on a virtual movie date.

For the cinephile couples who used to go on movie dates in the cinemas on a regular basis, you can now replicate that experience digitally. Whether it’s through a shared screen, the Netflix party extension on Google Chrome, or simply pressing the play button at the same time; your movie dates and marathons can continue even under isolation.

Plus, you can get to know each other better by binge-watching each other's favorite shows or sharing your favorite movies from your childhood and adolescence.

Create Spotify playlists for each other.

I don't know about you, but mix CDs were a big part of my early puppy lovelife. I can't even begin to explain how kilig I got when a guy I liked made me a CD with songs that reminded him of me. With today's technology, doing this is so much easier now. Just put together songs that remind you of your partner, save them all on a Spotify playlist, and send the the link - easy peasy!

You can even create special playlists for different things, like for when they're feeling down, when they need to do chores, when they're working out, or when they're about to go to sleep.

Enjoy some good old-fashioned telebabad.

My age is totally showing by now, huh? But come on... what's the best way to feel like you're spending time with each other than having a good old telebabad session? You can, of course, have a video call session, too; but there's something about lying on your bed in the dark and just hearing their voice in your ears with your eyes closed that takes me back to simpler days.

Tip: I highly recommend using earphones for this, though, so you don't sweat all over your phone in the Philippine heat.

Now more than ever, couples need to get creative to stay close and spread the love despite the distance. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Closeup Philippines’ latest #StayCloserApart video here:

To make your next virtual date night extra special, Closeup and Shakey’s are giving away free pizza to select lucky couples! All you have to do is join the Instagram Live of Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz on June 24 and tag someone you want to #StayCloserApart with.

For more information, visit the Closeup Philippines Facebook page.


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