Saturday, June 20, 2020

Chooks-to-Go is Ready for the New Normal

If there's one thing my mom loves to order for lunch when she's too lazy to cook, it's Chooks-to-Go. In fact, every time we pass by one, she casually asks if it's open, even if we hadn't planned on buying Chooks to begin with.

Well, with the country's food industry starting to make a comeback, I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that Chooks-to-Go is making sure that all of their stores comply with the new standards set by the government.

Chooks-to-Go-President Ronald MascariƱas shares that Bounty (Agro Ventures, Inc.) takes health seriously. "We can do this not just by producing the healthiest chicken with no antibiotics ever, but also keeping our people and customers safe. I can proudly say that all of our stores will be what they call 'new normal-ready' in the coming months."

Although renovations and innovations ended up costing the company a lot, MascariƱas says that it was worth it to ensure the safety of their customers and crew during this pandemic.

For starters, Chooks-to-Go is strictly implementing social distancing in their queuing system, putting stickers on the sidewalk that is exactly a full meter apart for their customers. You will also be advised to go to the hand-sanitizing stations before ordering.

Acrylic panels are also installed in each counter to ensure that no contact will be made between customers and store crew. This includes a metal sliding tray for transactions.

Speaking of the crew, every member of the station will need to go through a mandatory temperature check before and after their shifts The results are logged daily in Chooks-to-Go's system.

All staff members are also required to wear faceshields and facemasks besides their standard hairnets and gloves.

All of this is being done to ensure that customers do not just get the healthiest chicken in the market, but also stay safe at their stores.

Are you a Chooks-to-Go fan, too?


  1. we are doing a lot of these thing in the US a well.

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