Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A WitcherCon is Finally Happening!!!

My Witcher senses are tingling!!! In case you didn't know by now, I am a massive fan of 'The Witcher'. How I got into it is actually quite the funny story. Basically, there was this guy who asked me if I had ever played the games before and when I said I hadn't, he went into this super passionate tirade. He went so far as to offer to buy me the game for my Switch just so I would understand why he was so passionate about it.

I ended up buying the game the next day and fell in love instantly. When I learned that they were based on books, I looked everywhere for them - which wasn't an easy feat since the series wasn't out yet and it wasn't exactly an in-demand book at the time. The books? They were even better! I couldn't put them down! It's something I can't really put into words, to be honest.

And then Netflix released the series, and I even got to meet the showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, and the Henry Cavill in person. To end my geeky sharing session: I've cosplayed Yennefer and I even have a Witcher tattoo now. :p

As such, it should make perfect sense why I am now hyperventilating after CD PROJECT RED and Netflix have announced the virtual fan event, WitcherCon - a global online celebration of 'The Witcher' franchise.

The announcement of this first-ever multi-format event dedicated to the Witcher universe was teased on Twitter:

WitcherCon will take place on Saturday, July 10, 2021 and aims to bring together old and new Witcher fans who love the video games, books, and/or TV series.

Here's what we can all look forward to:

- Entertaining and interactive panels with the people who brought 'The Witcher' to life in-game and on-screen
- Breaking news, exclusive behind-the-scenes, and never-before-seen reveals from across the franchise
- Intimate looks into the creativity and production behind CD PROJEKT RED's games, including the upcoming mobile game 'The Witcher: Monster Slayer', comic books, and fan gear, and Netflix's live-action series 'The Witcher' plus merchandise and the anime film 'Nightmare of the Wolf'
- Expert explorations into the lore, legends, monsters, and origins for the Continent

It is important to note, however, that CD PROJEKT RED has no new Witcher game to announce at WitcherCon, so don't get your hopes up. :(

Still, I'm hella excited to get some Witcher geekery in my life once again. Available on Twitch and YouTube, WitcherCon will first air on July 10 at 1AM. A second stream will air on July 10 at 9AM in case you're not a night owl like me. :p

Who else is super duper mega excited for this? :D

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