Saturday, November 11, 2023

Echo on Disney Plus arrives just in time as I rekindle my love for Marvel.

Echo on Disney Plus was recently announced, and I'm so excited!

That might be surprising to hear, seeing as my love for Marvel has died down in recent years. I don't really remember when it started anymore; but at some point, I just stopped watching Marvel anythings.

I mean, as Wonder Woman, it should be clear that DC has always had my heart; but I actually used to enjoy Marvel movies a lot. I even had whole toy collections of my favorite Marvel characters. That died at some point, and was only recently rekindled by the Loki series.

So, now that another Marvel series has been announced, I am absolutely stoked. And what's great about Echo is that you don't actually have to watch any previous Marvel movies or series to get into it.

Echo on Disney Plus stars Alaqua Cox as Maya "Echo" Lopez, a deaf Native American who was once a member of The Kingpin's criminal empire.

Despite not being able to hear, Echo has photographic reflexes that allow her to copy moves and attacks while fighting. Add to that the fact that she has training in martial arts and firearms, and you can be sure that this series will be as bad-assly action-packed as you can imagine. It actually reminds me of Daredevil... but better coz she's female. :p

Echo on Disney Plus is the first series under the Marvel Spotlight, which aims to feature new and grounded MCU character-driven stories outside of the massive MCU that we all know. Really crossing my fingers that this'll be a good one!

Bonus: unlike former Marvel series, all 5 episodes will drop all at once, so no waiting for a whole week to catch the next episode!

Echo on Disney Plus launches on January 10, 2024.

Watch the Echo trailer here.

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  1. Going to have to check this show out.