Saturday, November 4, 2023

The Toy Warehouse Sale in SM Megamall is totally worth it!

Wow. The Toy Warehouse sale in SM Megamall is totally worth it!!!

Y'all know that I'm a child at heart and that I have a child that I always use as an excuse to stock up on toys lol, but I didn't expect the both of us to have this much fun at the Toy Warehouse sale in SM Megamall.

To be honest, it's pretty normal for us to splurge on toys. I'd like to blame my childhood on this, but I think I just never really grew out of being a child either.

The minute we entered and saw how huge the venue was, we already knew what was going to go down. So, we grabbed a cart right away and made our way methodically through the area. Yes, we planned out how we would go through it beforehand because we didn't want to miss a single thing.

Our Top Picks at the Toy Warehouse sale in SM Megamall

Sy is a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they have a ton of different figures on sale at 70% off!

Super cute (and hella soft) unicorn plushies for the unicorn lovers like me.

All of those cool Harry Potter items you see at Toy Kingdom are on sale at the Toy Warehouse sale in SM Megamall as well. This is actually the area I went totally nuts in. I literally bought almost everything I saw.


And Pokemon tech accessories!

Super cute fluffy Star Wars slippers for only 200 pesos!

I actually only took this pic because I know a kid who loves Blippi; but a lot of people messaged me on Instagram after seeing my story, so here you go. Here's where you can get a ton of Blippi toys - ON SALE!

A wide array of Funko Pops! And can I just say that the selections are amazing? You know how usually, when there's a Funko sale, it's for the Pops that no one really wants? I wanted so many of the ones I saw here. My goodness.

Due to my current obsession with Loki on Disney+, it shouldn't be surprising that I felt like I simply had to buy this. Huhu. Too cute!

They have all of the BTS Funko Pops too!

Adorable Sanrio pillows, including Gudetama, which is usually so hard to find here in the Philippines.

They also have the Hello Kitty rollerskates I was once eyeing. Huhu.

They even have books, including these workbooks on how to create manga characters - perfect for Sy's current pastime.

Paint-by-numbers but make it BTS!

Sy recently found my old rainbow loom set and has been making bracelets for his friends for it, so I thought an upgrade was an order.

Miniso is also at the sale!!! I'm telling you: the options are wild!

Havaianas is also available at the Toy Warehouse sale in SM Megamall. Really wanted these Wonder Woman flip flops but they didn't have them in my (super generic) size.

They also have a bunch of Netflix-themed Havaianas, like Stranger Things and Money Heist!

They also have a bunch of dog food and dog treats on sale - a dream come true for furparents. They have stuff for cats too.

Cloud's food is on sale at 50% off, so obviously, I hoarded na.

Was so lucky to be able to cop the last pink one of this bunch. I had been eyeing this at Pet Express for days now, and I am happy to announce that Athena is absolutely in love with it!

Also got these cute Christmas outfits for the pups along with more doggo outfits that were on sale. My dogs are the real winners from this shopping spree, tbh. :p

I almost got a dog stroller too coz I've been wanting one for ages. The thing is: we had another stop after this and already had a ton of bags to carry, so I had to pass for now. Sigh.

Our final haul!

Before heading to the counters, Sy and I went through our usual, "Do we really need it?" "How badly do we want it?" "Do we deserve it?" questions, and we ended up with all of this for around Php7,200.

My arms weren't happy, but our hearts definitely were.

Whether you have kids or inaanaks, are a kid-at-heart, or have furbabies; make sure to visit the Toy Warehouse sale at SM Megamall! It's the last day (November 5, 2023), so make sure you don't miss out!!!

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