Friday, October 11, 2013

Fitbox Technogym: Perfect for Newbies

A few weeks ago, the boys and I decided to try out Muay Thai at Fitbox. Although I lived in Thailand for seven years, I spent most of it eating and getting fat, so Muay Thai was never on my agenda.

Now that I'm trying to maintain a healthy figure, though, anything goes! That's why I jumped at the chance to try out Muay Thai at Fitbox when given the chance.

Fortunately, if your name isn't Gerd Perez, Fitbox is super easy to find coz it is literally at the corner of Dela Rosa and Rufino in Legazpi Village, Makati.

Just look up when you see the Starbucks and Chowking building and you'll see Fitbox on the second floor! :)

The gym itself is very clean and well-kept, and there was only one other person there (it was a weekday morning), so I literally belted out songs while I was on the treadmill.

Also, did I mention that there's a Starbucks downstairs? Perfect for me!

Fun fact: Ellen Adarna had a topless shoot here once. That is totes relevant, guys. Imagine it!

Fitbox also has lockers to keep your things in, though you can just leave your stuff lying around (like we did) if no one else is in the gym with you anyway.

They have two private showers, too. Unfortunately, one of them was out of order when we went and the other one was extremely dirty - water on the floor, hair everywhere and all of the things that OC-me hates and the reasons why I always, always shower at home and not at the gym.

The Muay Thai training itself was okay. We went through the basics and then went into the ring for two rounds of sparring.

Unfortunately, the trainers are a bit lax. I'm used to trainers busting my balls (if I had balls) and forcing me to keep going and even punishing me with push-ups when I fail at doing what I need to do. At Fitbox, they said "Since you're beginners, we can end the session early." And then let us go after two rounds. Err... ooookaaay... Lol.

Unlike boxing, Muay Thai involves a bit of legwork, which I apparently suck at, so the trainers told me to kick these massive things while they literally just sat in front of us and watched:

And then we punched these things (yes, I'm gonna call of the boxing equipment "things" coz I have decided that boxing gyms aren't my forte) while the trainers went off to God-knows-where. So, obviously, we didn't punch them around a lot. No one was watching, after all. Lol.

Surprisingly, we were able to convince them to let Miko get in the ring once more before we left, so I could get some pictures of the real boxing king in action (Miko boxes on a regular basis - hot!):

Overall, I had a fun time at Fitbox coz I was with my boys, but I really wasn't fond of the seemingly relaxed vibe of the trainers. If you're interested in trying out Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA for fun or for the first time and are a fellow I-don't-shower-at-the-gym-er, then I would highly recommend picking up the basics at Fitbox.

However, if you are serious learning more, working out more and training harder in the boxing ring, then you might want to request for a more professional trainer from the start. I hope you find one! Enjoy! :)


  1. This post is hilarious :)) I think the Muay Thai at Elorde is better

  2. "if your name isn't Gerd Perez" - *laughs*! I must check out this boxing gym!! =)

  3. So nice naman this gym.. Would really love to try Muay Thai..

    How I missed having a work out.. Been 2 long years already.. :)