Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cetaphil - Because Rashes Aren't Just for Kids

As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, Syrena has been using Cetaphil products ever since she was a baby. I used to think that babies were the only ones who could experience the symptoms of rashes and so, I never really made much of an effort in learning how to get rid of rashes in any way.

Imagine my surprise, when at an event sometime last month, Seph showed up with rashes on his neck. I found it a lil funny that a grown man would still experience rashes but lo and behold... I ended up getting rashes on my neck yesterday! And Seph and I are already in our 20s!!! :(

I'm not sure what the reasons are behind Seph's rashes, but I got mine from fake jewelry... Sigh.

Protect yourself from rashes by using Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil's Moisturizing Lotion or, if it's too late because the rashes have already broken out, use the aforementioned products to relieve yourself of the itchiness. It actually works - trust me! :)

Naturally, it would also help to arm yourself with more knowledge on rashes, in general, to keep yourself as safe as humanly possible.

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