Friday, October 4, 2013

Secrets and Broken Hearts

I generally don't deal with breakups very well.

During the denial stage, I play these scenarios in my head that will happen afterwards. I imagine my Lloyd Dobler-esque ex-boyfriend showing up outside of my window with a boombox (or, okay, fine, an iPod Nano) playing our sex-song while I lie drowning in my own pride and kiligness in bed before I jump out and kiss him in the rain. (Yes, my imagination is better than the movie. Suck it, Diane Court! :p)

pink dress from Megann Monday
gold necklace from House of Luxe

Sometimes, I imagine him writing me a letter everyday (or, okay, fine an email) without fail, even though I never respond and then we see each other by chance somewhere and end up kissing... in the rain.

Other times, I imagine him in a Spider-Man mask and we kiss in the rain. Okay, I kid. But kissing in the rain is always a part of it somehow - I promise you that.

Wonder Woman sneakers from Converse
Read the story behind them here.

Now that I have actually gone through a breakup, I have come to the realization that movies have completely ruined my perception of relationships and life, in general.

Boomboxes and handwritten letters (and Spider-Man!) no longer exist for a reason: because men no longer wallow around in pain after a breakup. They just turn on their PlayStation 3s and forget the real world. Lol.

arm candy from Seraphim

Okay. I'm just bitter. The good news is that this is my last bitter blog post, though. Fortunately for me, a month has already gone by, so the pain is gone, the acceptance has sunk in and I have successfully moved on with hardly a tear coming out of my eyes.

key connector ring from Tomato

I'd like to thank all of my friends for this: the ones who gamely held my hand when I felt lonely, hugged me when I needed it the most, shoved alcohol my way when I started to stare blankly into nothingness, and told me two simple words: "He's gay." "Forget him."

pink bag from Avon
white watch from Superdry

Besides, although being single can get quite lonely; it's better to be single and sex-less than to be in a relationship and sex-less, I always say. Badum-tss.

That concludes the stage of Lil Miss Bitter - I promise. :)

"There was nothing left to see.
It happened and it was impossible and beautiful and then it ended before it even really began, leaving nothing behind but secrets and broken hearts."

- Sarah Ockler (Twenty Boy Summer)

Photos by Miko Carreon.