Thursday, January 2, 2020

Do hubadera posts bother you?

By definition, a 'hubadera' is a woman who wears 'revealing' clothing. She's basically not afraid to show some skin. This is probably the biggest problem I encounter when I get into relationships. I'm a self-proclaimed and certified hubadera and I'm not ashamed of it.

Why am I bringing this up? I may not speak about it much, but there are some trolls out there whose comments I subtly delete, asking me stupid questions like, "What the fuck are you wearing?" or "What in the world possessed you to put that on?" Never mind the fact that it was just a cosplay of Slave Leia.

Even friends bring it up jokingly. "Oh, Angel posts FHM-type photos on her Instagram" (again in reference to the Slave Leia cosplay above) or describing my everyday clothes as 'mahalay' (a term I hadn't even heard before, but which apparently means 'lustful').

There are actually several reasons why I wear skimpy clothing. First of all, we live in one of the hottest countries in the world. Why would I subject myself to hours of sweat and discomfort just because some people might think showing skin is lewd? Second of all, I don't have a cleavage to speak of; so even if I wear low-cut tops, there are zero chances of anything popping out of there, no matter how drunk I might get during the night. And lastly and most importantly, it's my body and my life, so get the fuck out of my face?

If my posts bother you, feel free to unfriend or even block me as you please. If we're friends in real life and my clothes reeeeeally bother you, feel free to tell me so I can school you on staying out of my business. (Kidding. I promise I'll make it a point to cover up a little when I'm around you if I care about you that much.)

For the strangers, for 2020 and beyond: if you don't have anything nice to say, how about you just don't type it down and just don't click 'send' for a change? :)

Love lots,
Your friendly neighborhood hubadera


  1. You look amazing. Happy New Year!

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