Sunday, January 5, 2020

Our Story

You came back into my life at exactly the right moment in exactly the right way, and you blew me away in ways you had failed to do when we first met.

You read the right books. You played the right games. You spoke the right languages. You listened to the right music. And your persistence was admirable.

But as they said in '500 Days of Summer'...

Still, it had been a year since I had gone on a proper date with someone new; and you made it feel so easy, it was hard not to get swept up in the moment. You didn't care that I was utterly awkward, borderline alcoholic, and a massive nerd.

The familiarity was warm. The effort was real. The silence was oddly comforting. Your passion for the things that you care about was inspiring. You were refreshingly different; but in the end, we had a completely different set of values.

I will probably still think about you every now and then, but know that there won't be any romantic meaning behind it. I believe that everyone is a lesson, and you just happen to be my favorite one to date. You turned me into an unrecognizable version of myself that I didn't even know existed: vulnerable, patient, hopeful, and at peace (albeit also a little pathetic lol).

After seeing your true colors behind the rose colored lenses, though, I realized that you were never worth fighting for, even though I did fight for you - secretly and very fiercely. While you never gave me butterflies, you did give me hope - hope that after everything I had been through, it would be okay.

As I turn you into online literature like I always said I would, I am closing our story for good. But know that when people ask me about you, I will still look back at our time fondly for no one was as honest, as open, as straightforward, or as unforgiving as you.

"Eternity is hidden in every moment." Thank you for giving us our own little eternity in time.

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