Monday, June 20, 2011

Apartment-Hunting: Any Recommendations?

I have spent the past month looking for the perfect apartment. And to us, that currently translates to a place that isn't too far from Santana Grove, where the baby-daddy works; isn't too far from BF Homes, where the baby-grandparents live; isn't too far from the pediatrician that we currently have and I currently love; and isn't too far from coffee shops and shopping malls, so the mommy - me - can stay sane.

Well, I have narrowed down my options to three key places: Avida Towers Sucat, SM Fields Residences and Tribeca Private Residences. Do any of you guys live in these places or near them? Do you have any warnings or recommendations for me before we spend Php 3.5 million on the place?

On that note, I'm going to need some great interior design suggestions and help in the near future, so if any of you have any tips in that department, that would be great, as well. :)

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