Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Get Creative with Makeup Storage

I had been searching far and wide for the perfect makeup bag for quite some time, but I couldn't find any that suited my cuteness needs. That's when I realized that I didn't actually have to buy a cute makeup bag in order to get a cute makeup bag. (Am I losing you here?)

Well, when I went by the Oh My Gifts! stall in Alabang Town Center a few days ago, I saw this adorable Nici lion pencil bag staring up at me and - as if at a pet adoption center - I realized I just had to have him.

So, I bought him for Php 199 and transformed him into my new makeup bag. Not only is he fluffy and cute, but all of my beauty loot fits inside of him, too - such as my Covergirl collection and my vast collection of eyeliners. All I have to do is look for my lip gloss collection and he'll be complete. I haven't named him yet, though. Any suggestions? :)

If you want to get your own fluffy and cute makeup bag, just visit Oh My Gifts! stalls. They have Nici pencil bags available as hippos, leopards, frogs, lions and more!

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