Thursday, June 16, 2011 Look: Damsel in Distress

Whatever happened to Baby G's?

I remember that the very first thing I ever bought with my own money was a Baby G watch. It was navy blue - and I still have it, actually, minus its original leather strap - and I saved up 200 Euro to buy it in Germany back in 1999. Everyone in school had it; so, being the conformed sheep that I was in 6th grade, I had to have one to.

The one I'm wearing in this look was given to me 7 years after that, though. It was an unexpected Christmas gift from one of my favorite aunts. And, yes, I realize it's tattered and old and gross-looking now, but who says tattered and old and gross-looking can't pull an outfit together, right?

striped glittery grey and black Chaps tank top

and black Just G shorts

dirty pink Baby G watch

silver skull flats from eBay

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  1. I love the skulls! :)

    followed u. hope u can follow me back. hihi