Monday, June 27, 2011

On Soulmates

Sorry for the hiatus. I was in Davao for my friend Raymond's wedding. I was never much of a wedding person - and I'm not even sure I'll ever get married myself - but I definitely look up to people who commit themselves to one another for a lifetime. In fact, I didn't even thought Raymond was the marrying type. In fact, at his wedding, he gave a little speech and mentioned that himself. He said, "I never thought I'd ever get married. But Peachi is my soulmate and it's hard to let that go."

I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates when it comes to love, but Aristotle once said that a friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. I think that's interesting because that means that I actually have a handful of soulmates out there. And I love them all. And they all love me. So, even if I don't find a soulmate in love of my own, at least I know I have that - and that's worth the world to me.

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