Monday, June 13, 2011

Dine at T.G.I. Friday's and Win a Canon EOS 1000D!

TGIF is probably one of my favorite restaurants ever. Aside from the Hard Rock-like ambience and R2D2 standing outside their Alabang Town Center branch, what I love most about TGIF is the fact that they have a smoking room - which, to me, is a very important asset when I want to have unhealthy food coupled with a few beers. Since it was my cheat day, I decided to live a little and try something more filling than my usual orders. I opted for a Fish Vera Cruz, which came with green peppers, red peppers and olives drowned in a delicious tomato sauce (Php 375):

And Henry had his usual Bacon Cheese Burger (which is extremely delicious and very filling, at Php 350):

Of course, we topped off our delicious meals with my favoritest dessert in the world: Oreo Madness:

Another great thing about TGIF is that their prices only seem high, but if you consider how humongous their servings are (for Asians, anyway) and how yummy everything is, the food is definitely worth the price. I mean, foreigners wouldn't flock to the place if they didn't provide authentic Western cuisine, right? (That's right. White boys are always in the house! Holla!)

Plus, until the end of July, T.G.I. Friday's is giving 11 lucky diners a chance to win a Canon EOS 1000D camera. All you have to do is order one of their Small Plates, pick up a coupon outside the door after you eat, fill it up, and drop it in the box. I've tried their Mango Quesadillas Small Plate - and don't be fooled by the name, I had enough left over to take home! - and they were sooo good and sooo affordable, the coupon was just a bonus.

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