Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

I think it's interesting how timely the United Colors of Benetton fragrance launch is. United Colors of Benetton is about to launch two new fragrances: Let's Move for Men and Let's Love for Women, and they are challenging us all to move and love and, of course, to act accordingly.

Why is this so timely? A few days ago, my friend Verge was reading out a tweet that said "Work hard, play hard." And my response was: "I think it should say love hard."

And I didn't necessarily mean love in the romantic sense. There are a lot of different ways to love, after all - but the most important way would be to turn love into an actual state of mind.

So, from now on, why not inject some love in everything that you do and challenge yourself to move and act with love every single day? Whether it's through a simple tweet or a friendly gesture, always remember to "make love, not war." (Not always in a sexual context, of course. :p)

As for me, I vow to show the people that I love and care about just how much I love and care about them every day of the week. How am I going to do that? In various ways:

I vow to always find time to be silly with my baby girl.

I vow to spend some quality time with my best friend at least once a week.

I vow to always find some me-time during the day.

I vow to appreciate all of the little things in life that people give me, share with me and do for me.

I vow not to break traditions, promises or commitments I've made to other people unless I really do not have a choice.

I vow not to care about what people think and just be me.

What do you vow to do? Share your vows with me in the comments section! :)

Also, don't forget to check out United Colors of Benetton's latest fragrances:

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