Sunday, September 2, 2012 Look: Female Dog

If I had my way, I would probably dress like this everyday.

Meet the real me:

black beanie from Bangkok
black shorts from What a Girl Wants

I don't quite remember when this JAM date happened, but I do remember that I was incredibly hungover when Jacob called and told me he was on the way to pick me up that day.

black dog shirt from Rex Clothing
round tortoise shell sunglasses from Henry's dad

So, cranky, angry, and in full rockstar, no-caffeine-in-my-system-yet mode, I put together this outfit in 5 minutes. What do you think? :)

I remember getting into Jake's car - practically growling - and all he said was, "Wow. You look so bad-ass." My response? Another growl.

silver starfish cuff from Blue Vanilla ...before I lost it! :(

We then headed to Molito for breakfast to meet up with Megann. But, you know, she runs on Filipino time, so that took a while. I'm actually convinced that Jacob and I are the only people in this country who are ever on time for anything. Lol.

black boots from CeCe
silver angel wings ring from Anagon Collection

As for the title of this blogpost, it was originally supposed to be a swear word coz I remember how angry I was at the world because of my hangover that day... but then I remembered I have 9-year-old readers, so "Female Dog" it is.

Also, it's partly coz I was super shocked by my best friend's pottymouth when someone stole our parking spot sometime last week. Ahem. Wash your mouth out with soap, please, dah-ling! :p

black studded collar necklace from House of Luxe

Don't get me wrong. I used to swear a lot. It's not like I'm gonna lecture you and say it's unnecessary. I mean, it's unnecessary to get extra outfits for Guitar Hero characters, but I do that anyway. In fact, the unnecessary things in life are usually what makes life more interesting.

However, when Syrena dropped her blocks one day and exclaimed "SH*T!" in the adorable way that only a 2-year-old can, I knew I had to start cleaning up my language.

Back when I was a curse-queen, though, I was in complete awe of people who didn't swear, like newscasters. I would watch the news waiting for them to mess up and didn't understand why they didn't just go, "Whoa! Those mofos crashed into the effing Twin Towers!"

They're definitely robot zombies.


  1. For some reason, I like it when a brown girl does poses. Most of what I see, puro maputi. Not that I don't like them.

    I'm brown too, and I like seeing how colors would look on me.

    That being said, you're wearing black on this post, just wanna say I appreciate your OOTDs

  2. This is one of my fave posts from you. I enjoyed reading it! I enjoy the mini-stories you incorporate in your outfit posts :D Totoo.

  3. Love the t-shirt and the hat!


  4. Aaahh your beanie <33 I love this look Angel!

  5. They swear a lot too believe me... :) just off cam :D

  6. I hope that shirt is still available! or else I'm running to the The Ramp now lol. It reminds me so much of Givenchy! :) Great outfit!

    Kaye Awatin

  7. hahaha!! it would be awesome if newscasters swear on national tv though... but then again, we are such a conservative country. :P

  8. soo Alexander McQueen! love the leather shorts! :)
    {style + travel}

  9. looking awesome as always :)
    love the shirt

    Michael Macalos